Shay and Blue Black Tulip Perfume Review

Shay and Blue Black Tulip

Shay and Blue is a brand that I’ve always heard good things about – but I feel is relatively under the radar when it comes to names in the fragrance industry. I’ve not bought myself a new fragrance in ages as I’ve been trying to really declutter my collection, but this is a brand which I’d had on my to-try list for when my stash was a little depleted. However I luckily got my hands on Shay and Blue Black Tulip Natural Spray Fragrance as part of my last Tili Box.

Shay and Blue describe themselves as a boutique British Perfumery born in London – they use natural scents of flowers and spices. This fragrance perfectly seems to embody that philosophy and it’s been perfect for this time of year so it’s quickly become my go-to fragrance this autumn and winter.

The packaging of the line is pretty much identical for each, in light turquoise glass packaging with gold cap and labelling details, the Shay and Blue line is sophisticated and chic – reminding me of the likes of Jo Malone in it’s feel and presentation. The 100ml bottles come in a more ornate design which would make a lovely dressing table showpiece.

Shay and Blue Black Tulip perfume

The bottle I have is their 10ml ‘travel’ size is perfect for keeping in your handbag or taking away on holiday – but they have a range of different sizes and prices. The prices are £25 (for 10ml), £30 (for 30ml) and £55 for 100ml. They also have a range of hand and body products which accompany the line. I think the 30ml perfume size is very well priced and not steep if you’re wanting to try the brand out but maybe don’t want to commit to a 100ml bottle.

The scent Black Tulip had me intrigued as tulips are not a flower known for it’s scent, but it was love at first sniff for me. They describe the top notes of this as Snowdrop and Cyclamen, with mid notes of plum and black tulip, whilst the base ‘soft woods’ and gourmand white chocolate. I normally always notice the top notes first but this I notice it’s spiciness first off, as it starts settling the gourmand creamy notes from the white chocolate add warmth whilst it softens through the day to reveal it’s more delicate floral notes.

In terms of it’s performance it lasts fantastically, even with just a couple of spritzes I can smell this still noticeably on me by the end of a long work day, and if it comes to the next day I’ve sprayed it on a scarf or something, I can smell it still in the days after. The only other perfume in my collection I’ve known to linger as much as this does is my all time favourite perfume – Tom Ford Black Orchid.

I have another perfume – Pomegranate Noir from Jo Malone which I got in spring for intending it to my winter scent of choice this year and I reach for this over that almost every day. Dare I say I think this also outperforms it in terms of longevity? I don’t want to say their dupes of one another – but they do have a very similar vibe, dark warm spicy fruits with florals lying underneath. So if you like Pomegranate Noir from Jo Malone, and want to try something different – or you want to try PN and don’t want to splash as much cash – then this is a great option. I would also say that it’s not too dissimilar from Tom Ford Black Orchid the other two are more fruity in comparison though.

The line is cruelty free (Peta certified), paraben free and phthalate free.

If you’ve got a fragrance fanatic on your to-buy list this Christmas I think the Shay and Blue perfumes seem to be fantastic quality and may be something which they maybe haven’t tried. The smaller bottles would make them a lovely stocking filler idea too. They can be found on QVC UK, Marks and Spencers, Harvey Nichols and on their own online shop too.

If you buy from their online shop you’ll get £10 off your first purchase of £30 or more using my referral link.

Have you tried Shay and Blue Black Tulip before?

Post contains affiliate and referral links. Product purchased with my own money.

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  1. December 4, 2018 / 9:39 am

    This sounds like a really nice scent! What others do they have? It’s nice to have smaller, portable versions of perfume at times too x

    • December 4, 2018 / 10:19 am

      They have a blood orange one which they are quite well known one, and also one called Frambroise Noir which I’m keen to find in a shop for a sniff. They have quite a lot around 15-20 and everything from fruity to floral and fresh to sultry!

  2. January 4, 2019 / 2:20 pm

    shay and blue have such lovely scents 🙂

  3. January 26, 2019 / 8:52 pm

    I’m a bit of a fan of their work. Suffolk Lavender I have in 3 bottles, 2 being back ups obviously, and I adore their Dandelion Fig. Very much in the same vein as Jardin Mediterranee (sp?) by Hermes. Another is Scarlett Lily. A much richer, rounded version of Baiser Vol by Cartier.

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