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Estrid Razor Starter Kit Review

[Ad – Gifted] If like me you have on Instagram lately, I wonder whether you’ve been seeing the same new name keep popping up when it comes to razors: Estrid. I’d been eyeing them up when they dropped me a message and asked if I would like to give them a try. I was sent the Estrid Razor starter kit to try out and have been testing it out for a good month or so.

It’s no secret from the past that I’ve enjoyed Friction Free Shaving (now known more simply as FFS) and have found them more affordable and convenient than razors on the high street with deliveries every few months to suit me. However, there’s always been a few things that have been not quite perfect, and I wondered whether the Estrid razors may take the top spot in my shower.

The packaging for the Estrid razors is very millennial friendly in dusky pink packaging, with modern fonts. Estrid are as plastic-free as possible with only plastic on the caps for travel and the razor heads themselves made of plastic. The outer packaging is lightweight cardboard and paper.

The razors come in a bunch of fun colours, I opted for the colour “Space” which is a pretty periwinkle-lilac. With yellow, grey, blush pink and lemon options too – there’s a colour for everyone and every bathroom. The starter kit which is where every purchase begins comes with your choice of razor colour, two heads and a shower caddy. From there you can personalise your razor head deliveries on a subscription basis based around how often you shave.

The razor is lovely quality, with a heavy metal handle with a soft-touch finish that means in wet hands it doesn’t feel prone to slipping out of your hand. The heaviness of the handle makes it easy to control and the heads on this razor are utter perfection getting a close finish.

Whilst I’m sure I could use these more and still get an okay shave, I find with my rather lanky legs I’m able to get around 5-6 full head to toe shaves out per head before I switching out to a new head becomes quite noticeable that the performance is different. I’d say this is more than I’d get out of the FFS heads, and I find that these get a much closer and smoother feeling shave too – with 5 blades on the head, which angle around curves with ease it gets the best feeling shave I have ever experienced.

The conditioning ingredients in the head leave my skin feeling incredibly soft and nourished and even in intimate areas during this time of being able to get waxing appointments, I may have been fully converted with this causing no razor burn, and I’m yet to experience any ingrowing hairs either.

One of my gripes with the FFS razors I found a little annoying, was that the heads seem to be so lightly attached that on the slightest knock or lightest drop the heads ping off across the shower – this, however, has been no issue with the Estrid and even in my idiocy of incorrect placement of into the wall holder/shower caddy which caused it to fall from height; the head still didn’t pop off.

I am so impressed with this razor and the quality of it that I’ve put a stop to my FFS subscription after several years of being subscribed to the service. Whilst I was gifted this product – I have also worked with FFS many times and have enjoyed an affiliate relationship with them which I am not with Estrid; so if you ever need evidence of my reviews being honest, hopefully, this one helps.

This is the razor you need to try. I have ordered myself a second starter kit (this time in the shade lemonade) and I am looking forward to trying their shave cream too in this next order.

The starter kits are £7.95 each, with the four razor head replacements at £9.95 (frequency determined as you). They support women and equality based charities with every purchase and if you use the code “Equality” at checkout they donate an extra £1 to the Fawcett charity. The heads contain fully vegan ingredients and the delivery cost is free too, and overall I feel like the quality is so high for the very affordable cost.

Estrid delivers their razors to the UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland and France. The deliveries come from Sweden and if like me you also are conscious of where products are delivered from and the carbon footprint whilst buying, they cover carbon offset the cost of shipping for free.

Have you tried the Estrid Razor yet?

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  1. March 9, 2021 / 4:18 am

    I have been using a “men’s” razor my whole life because I don’t like the bigger heads that “women’s” razors tend to have, but this has really peaked my interest! If they ever become available to the US, I will have to check them out; the fact that the head doesn’t pop off easily sounds like a big plus, I am constantly dropping my razor or setting it down momentarily on the worst spot possible and am therefore constantly having to put it back together 😂

    • rachael
      March 14, 2021 / 1:44 am

      Yeah I remember finding mens razors way better than mens ones a few years ago, I found the “Friction Free Shaving” ones I used to be subscribed to as good as male ones, but even the slightest knock they popped off and it would make me so annoyed haha!
      This one is so much better and the shave is the best I’ve had!

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