Secret Scent Box – September 2019

Secret Scent Box – September 2019

[gifted] It wasn’t that long since I featured the August Secret Scent Box however I had another box of the delightful subscription land through my postbox this week and I thought I’d get the post up nice and prompt this month, so you can get your hands on this edition now.

Secret Scent Box - September 2019

For those who aren’t aware, Secret Scent Box is a box of three perfume samples a month giving you chance to try different fragrances out before you might buy. Personally I really like this subscription as it a) gives me lots of different perfumes to try out and I can have a lot of different variety by swapping between the vials and b) I’ve discovered fragrances I’d never have tried and purchased thanks to the box. The vials are pocket sized which makes them great for nights out, handbags and holidays too as each vial gives you about 5-10 uses, depending on how heavy handed you are with your fragrance!

One of the things I also like is that include little note cards with details about the perfumes featured, e.g if it’s a new fragrance it tends to be listed alongside the notes that the fragrance has too. I like that especially as I’m allergic to lavender in particular, but also sensitive to a few other ingredients – so whilst it’s not happened with any of the perfumes i’ve received yet, I’d know if I needed to pass one along to a friend instead.

Secret Scent Box - September 2019

I will note that one of the criticisms I had of last months box was that the perfumes fell on the cheaper spectrum and it didn’t seem to offer the best value for money in terms of trying mid priced perfumes, this was the blip I expected and there’s a better mix of price points in this edition. September’s box contains two perfumes which retail at around the £35 mark for a 100ml bottle and one which can be found online for around £10, so nice affordable price points should you fall in love with one.

Secret Scent Box September Contents

Secret Scent Box - September 2019 - Vials

DKNY Fall Energizing Limited Edition

My first impressions of this perfume is that it’s gives me a big magnolia burst right off the bat, it’s by far the most distinctive note for me in this blend of notes. The top notes of this fragrance are Mandarin Orange, bergamot, cardamom, the mid notes are gardenia, jasmine, magnolia, and the base notes are Vetiver, Cedar, Musk add a little warmth to the floral notes. The wear on this is decent and I can still smell it on myself after an 8 hour work day.

I’ve struggled to find this fragrance in stock anywhere online – I’m not sure whether it’s old limited edition or new limited edition coming soon but if you can find it and you like floral fragrances for every day then it’s worth a whiff.

Davidoff Cool Water Intense

I remember when Davidoff Cool Water first launched, it was a perfume I remember loving it’s freshness and I had a sample of it, but found it very delicate on the skin. It’s one I’ve always gone back to smelling and testing on myself in stores, but I’ve never pulled the trigger and purchased a full size bottle. The new Intense version might be the one which changes my mind and makes me purchase, one of the ingredients is handpicked and ethically sourced, Green Mandarin.

The freshness of that fruity citrus note lingers well and is complimented by paradise flower and mangosteen which sit over the same base of coconut water that gives it the airy fresh feeling the original fragrance had – but it’s a longer lasting. My favourite from this month’s curation!

Beyonce Heat Kissed

I’ve never tried a Beyonce Fragrance before and they can be picked up pretty cheaply, it’s the kind of brand I’d pick up for every day wear for work and wouldn’t feel guilty about spritzing myself heavily with! Heat Kissed is perfect for the turning to autumn weather season, it has a warm spiciness that still has notes of floral too – the perfect inbetween autumn and summer vibes.

The top notes of litchi, mango and pitahaya are barely noticeable to my nose as I immediately smell the sandalwood, patchouli and vanilla base notes settle on the skin, as those subdue a little I can smell some of the floral notes of orchid, jasmine and rose oil which give this nice blend between the warm base notes.

Secret Scent Box - September 2019 - Perfume Subscription Service

I like the mix of perfumes in this edition, I feel like there’s something for everyone in terms of their usual perfume vibe – whilst they’re all not too distinct and I think everyone would get enjoyment out of each. Secret Scent Box can be picked up online here and they offer a male and female geared boxes.

What is your favourite fragrance this season?

Items in this post were gifted in return for review consideration. Thoughts are my own and reflective on my experience with the products and brand.


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