Secret Scent Box – October 2020

Secret Scent Box – October 2020

[Ad – Gifted] We’re going to skip right to it with the October 2020 Secret Scent Box which popped through my letterbox a week or two ago. I’ve been on such a declutter with my perfumes after a good run of finishing things up, it wasn’t until about a week after their arrival I managed to get around to start trialling out this month’s selections.

For those who aren’t aware Secret Scent Box is a letter box friendly subscription service, perfect for those who love to trial and test new fragrances. The box comes elegantly packaged and would make a lovely gift idea for someone who loves fragrances. The fragrances are usually quite seasonally appropriate and come from a range of different price points so there’s normally at least one fragrance to suit a budget-friendly wallet.  Each month has three different fragrances and each comes with it’s own information card on the different notes and a brief description on each fragrance.

I’ve kindly been gifted the subscription for almost 18 months now and have discovered some amazing perfumes I’d have overlooked in a department or drug store as the bottle probably wouldn’t have caught my eye.

Joop! Wow Women

This one didn’t pack enough of a punch for me, sticking my nose onto the perfume directly was the only way for me to pick up notes on this. I always do an intial sniff test before I read up on what the notes are, and it had this fizziness to it that I thought was accompanied with citrus with a little floral twist. There notes were pretty simple, but with no citrus in sight. With notes of wild raspberry and rose, peony and a base note of musk. After around two hours I’ve found this was pretty much disappeared off me. I’ll use it up but I suspect layered with other fragrances.

Burberry Brit Women

I’ve had samples of a few Burberry fragrances in the past and they’ve never been my kind of vibe. This one certainly isn’t something I’d normally pick, it’s an interesting pick for this time of year – it feels a little androgynous to be, sitting on that warm and semi spicy line that could suit both male and females – which considering this has women in the name, surprises me! The top notes are listed as lime, pear and white almond – and unless they’re significantly dulling the base notes I can not detect a trace of them. The base notes are Amber, Tonka Bean, Vanilla and Mahogany – expecting it to have more of a gourmand vibe with those, but the stand out notes for me are the Amber and Mahogany – but with a very very slight twist of sweetness from the Vanilla.

Calvin Klein Eternity Fresh

The original Eternity is a pretty warm and heavy fragrance, I’m a massive fan of Eternity Moment which featured in a recent empties which is an entirely different light floral fragrance. Eternity Fresh is another new addition to the line having launched this year – and is more reminiscent of the lighter vibes of Eternity Moment than the original Eternity. This has fruity top notes of Pear, Blackcurrant and Bergamot with floral mid notes of Jasmine, Rose and Peony. As it settles on the skin through the day there is a nice balance of warm notes poking through of Amber and Musk. It’s a very well balanced perfume perfect for those who don’t like things that lean too fruity, floral or warm – the blend of the different families of fragrance means the perfume wears through the day differently. I like this – initially it’s very floral but in a way that’s different to my long standing love of Eternity Moment, this could well end up on my wishlist!

This wasn’t my favourite edition of the box – but after months and months of enjoying every fragrance that’s arrived it was inevitable that I’d end up with a couple which weren’t my cup of tea soon. Even so even the ones I’m not the biggest fan of I’ll still get use of and will happily wear them alone or maybe paired with some other fragrances in my collection to change their tone slightly.

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  1. October 20, 2020 / 8:03 am

    That version of Eternity sounds lovely too!

  2. November 14, 2020 / 12:19 pm

    I haven’t heard about this Secret Scent box but I need to say, that I love subsciption boxes and this is also something very cool! Thanks for introducing me! Calvin Klein Eternity Fresh sounds perfect for me!

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