Latest in Beauty February 2021

Latest in Beauty February 2021 Review

Latest in Beauty is a beauty box I hop on and off of – but I like to keep an eye on what’s coming up as I find that it has some of the best quality products in the beauty box market, however, some months are a bit of a miss for me so I tend not to be subscribed to them and just hop on for the odd month. October was my last box, and I decided to opt-in again for the Latest in Beauty February 2021 edition as there was a product in there I wanted to retry, an item I wanted to restock on which made the cost of subscribing worth it and everything else became a bit of a bonus!

Latest in Beauty is a build your own box service that allows you to pick 6 products for £12.95 per month – they’ve rejigged the service slightly over the past 6 months and offer some benefits for loyalty such as free P&P – however, I find that there’s often a 20% off/free P&P code running every time I do a one-off box. One thing that’s good – but also not great is they release a new product every day – I find that means that if you’re waiting a few days to build your perfect box, items can be gone that you were interested in, which is what puts me off long term, however it does keep the store “fresh” with new products available. However I think it would be better if there were maybe weekly drops of the product so if you’re keeping an eye on the site, there’s a bunch of new things to choose from at once.

Basic Beauty Tools Spongeclean – Full Size

Let’s start with the restock! This is my favourite thing to clean my sponges and my brushes with but it’s no longer available as Basic Beauty Tools shut down, this is lingering still right near the bottom of the site and I think cost around £10 each normally – so it’s nearly the value of the box. I’m hoping to snag another backup of this so I have a few in my cupboard as I am fairly good at keeping up with my brush cleaning and run through products quite quickly and have still not got a replacement product!

Colourwow Dream Coat – Deluxe Size

This is the product I wanted to retry! I had a similar size sample of this before and I remember it making my hair look so glossy and shiny, I’ve been thinking about purchasing a full size lately – however with an overflowing hair drawer of products already, I don’t like adding in products to my drawer and then them gathering dust, particularly as it’s not the cheapest product. So I thought I’d give this another trial run before committing to purchasing again.

Ole Henriksen Truth Juice Daily Cleanser – Deluxe Size

This was one of the items I topped up towards the end – I have a full size of this that I’m yet to open and try – but when is having extra cleansers in the cupboard, not a handy thing? I did I think manage to finish all of my travel-size cleansers last year by trying to declutter my skincare cupboard somewhat.

Like it On Top Wet Lip Scrub – Full Size

I currently have the Jeffree Star lip scrub in my project pan I have and thought I’d get this in for when that one is finished. I’d not heard of this brand before but they seem to have NARS-like sexual names! This is grapefruit scented/flavoured, I don’t want to open it until I’m ready to open it – but glad to have this in backup!

Foamie Papaya and Oat 2 in 1 Body Bar – Full Size

Always looking for a way to reduce my plastic usage I decided to pick up this to try! I have a massive stash of shower gels in my cupboard – but I’ll be popping this into try when I next finish one up. This has a ribbon to hang it up in the shower – my worry with products like this though is that they just get wet and melt away quickly!

MAC Whirl Lipstick – Mini

I don’t buy from MAC any more as they aren’t cruelty free, however this was a top up item to make up my sixth item and I couldn’t decide what to pick. I do have a fairly large MAC lipstick collection which I do still use and  Whirl is one of my favourite lipsticks from MAC and my sister has already reserved claiming this from me. A lovely 90s brown shade that I love in winter time!

If you’re interested in signing up to Latest in Beauty you can get 20% off with my referral a friend here.

Disclaimer : I have previously worked with Latest in Beauty on a gifted basis, but the Latest in Beauty February 2021 box was paid for with my own money.

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  1. March 2, 2021 / 2:08 am

    Yay for you being able to snag a bottle of your beloved sponge and brush cleaner! Whirl by MAC looks like such a pretty brown, I can imagine it suiting your skintone really nicely x

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