Sanctuary Hot Cloth Cleanser Review

Sanctuary Hot Cloth Cleanser Review

Back in August I did my first Amazon haul for beauty stuff – and one of the items I snagged was the Sanctuary Hot Cloth Cleanser. I remember back in the day, when Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish was all the rage, I bloody loved a hot cloth cleanser – and it had been a while since I’d tried one and I’d had Sanctuary on my to try list for some time so I decided to.

For me Liz Earle’s formula was like the trial run formula for cleansing balms – a nourishing formula that removed makeup well, and I was hoping that this Sanctuary one may give me some fuzzy feelings about the cleansing formula type I used to love so much. I’ve trialled this in a few different locations but it’s most recently been living in my shower and I’m getting close to the end of this now and ready to give it a review.

The outer packaging of the Sanctuary Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser is rather lovely, a bright punchy orange with a reflective rose gold foil – it’s very eye catching on the shelves and feels quite worth of it’s middle of the road price point. But I feel like the tube itself lets it down a little and feels a bit… basic in comparison. It’s clean and feels quite spa like – but it feels quite contrasting to the outer tube.

Formula wise, this is much like any other Hot Cloth Cleanser, a thick and creamy formula that feels luxe and nourishing on the skin. With other hot cloth cleansers – I’ve found they’ve usually all done an excellent job at removing makeup as well as leaving the skin feeling smooth and moisturised. However this one is truly awful at that, unless I scrub at my eyes pretty hard with the muslin cloth that comes with it – or use a microfibre flannel (in which case they work by themselves), I find with eye makeup it just continually smears this around.

Buckle in for a gorgeous picture.

Now if you follow me on instagram you may have seen that I had a mystery allergic reaction to something in my shower – after trepidatiously trying a few different products in my shower over a few weeks I had ruled this out as being the issue, until I dyed my hair in the shower on a whim, and used it as a barrier for my face whilst slapping pink hair dye on my head. And after about 90 seconds, I could feel my skin feeling hot and itchy rinsing it off immediately even after another 20 minutes or so in the shower after rinsing out the pink hair dye my face was still relatively tomato-esque. When I’m quickly using this and rinsing it on and off I haven’t really noticed a reaction but I do know a few times I’ve used it and left it on for a bit longer and that’s when it triggers a reaction. Looking at the ingredients I was presuming to maybe see lavender as a low lying ingredient which when given enough time was triggering a reaction – but there’s nothing on here jumping out as a known aggressor for me. But as a word of warning to anyone with sensitive skin – which mine certainly is not – this should maybe be avoided.

This will get used up, but given it’s poor effects at removing makeup I feel ready to jump back towards my more trusted modern formulas in the world of cleansing balms. Overall there are far better Hot Cloth’s out there, Superdrug have some lovely ones at the cheaper end and of course ol’ Liz Earle. But this one I can’t give a seal of approval to, which is disappointing as I’d wanted to love this!

Have you tried any of Sanctuary’s skincare?


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