Freedom Nail Polishes Review

Resisting trying a nail polish from a new brand is impossible for me. Nail polishes will always be the base of my beauty collection. Having had such a good experience with Clear Skies from Makeup Revolution – I bit the bullet and added 2 other shades from the sister brand Freedom from when it launched last week.

At only £1 each – Freedom Nail Polishes are a very purse friendly item. Currently the range doesn’t offer ‘anything out of the ordinary’ in terms of it’s shade range, built with a heavy focus around pinks, nudes and reds. Annoyingly unlike everything else in their range which has proper names, the nail polish is just numbered, I can’t remember numbers at all – shade names are always more fun! I picked up 430 – a raspberry red and 423 a salmon/coral pink.


So how did they perform?

I decided to go for 430 first as I’m forever on the hunt for the perfect raspberry shade, and have yet to find one which I love in every aspect, in some lights this looks very red, in others you can see the underlying hint of pink. I was disappointed initially with the formula, although offering a very even coverage, it wasn’t very opaque, needing 3 coats and drying to a semi matte formula this didn’t look particularly nice without a topcoat. This was peeling and chipping badly within hours of being worn, I applied on Friday night – by Saturday morning it was peeling off, by Saturday night it was beyond repair and I had taken it off. I tried this again, thinking it must have been bad luck – but no, the same thing happened again. All in all, a bit of a flop. freedom-430-nail-polish

Not having much hopes for 423 after the first experience, this has been another interesting shade, shifting between being a very orange to a salmon pink in different lights. This again needed 3 coats to become fully opaque – but had a nicer finish when dry. After the bad experience with the first I still opted for a topcoat. It is still on my nails after 3 days with a few chips just starting to appear.freedom-423-nail-polish

If you’re building a nail polish collection and want to get a few shades which you know won’t want to be your ‘everyday’ kind of shades (for me that would be blacks and pure reds), but want them there just in case – i’d think about checking these out as an inexpensive brand to create your collection, but personally I’d be more inclined to look the ones from Makeup Revolution instead as I had a much better experience overall with the one I tried.

Have you tried anything from Freedom yet?



  1. June 17, 2015 / 2:11 pm

    Cool, thanks for the heads up on this new brand! 🙂 Those look like such pretty shades!

  2. June 17, 2015 / 5:57 pm

    Too bad they don’t last on the nails and are so sheer. Might be fun to do layering with them. Like you said, might be good to try some “crazy” shades from the brand. Those bottles do look pretty sleek relative to the £1 price tag!

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