Mr Bean Coffee Scrub Review

Mr Bean Coffee Scrub Review

I picked the Mr Bean Mandarin Coffee Scrub as part of my March Love Me Beauty Box, and whilst I was intrigued to try this as it was something that was a   little different for me, I was a bit dubious as to if I was going to like it.

Mr Bean (No not that one), is an Australian Body care brand, and there are three types of their coffee body scrubs from what I can work out the all have the same qualities bar the smell,  mandarin, coconut and ‘Man’ (which I think doesn’t have the extra added scent). The scrub contains Himalayan Pink Rock Salt, Demerara Sugar and Coconut Oil, so this scrub should provide some lasting nourishment as you go.

A little goes a long way with the Mr Bean Coffee Scrub, some scrubs eventually melt or crush down, but this is one you can move around your skin without having to grab for another yet another handful. 1 large handful as pictured below was enough for me to do my tall body, arms and legs. It’s gritty and tough, and I can feel it doing a good job – but it’s not too harsh or coarse that you feel like you need to let your skin recover for a month before your next exfoliation.


You’re meant to stand and wait for 5 minutes for this to dry, but after 2 minutes I’m fed up of pinning myself to the other side of the shower to ensure I don’t get wet, with my teeth chattering, maybe when it comes to summer it would be easier! After use my skin does feel properly exfoliated and left feeling soft, smooth and nourished.


This is a shower product, if you like to do your scrub in the bath, this isn’t the one for you. This will wash off into the water like you’re brewing yourself in coffee, the water runs off brown, so I can only imagine the effects in the bath. I also found that when I thought it was off, I used a shower gel to try and make sure I wasn’t leaving the shower like I had done a 12 hour shift at a coffee house. but the suds were foaming up and washing off brown, which wouldn’t match well for already coffee stained water in a bath.

If you categorically do not like the smell of coffee, this isn’t for you. Whilst it does have a smell of mandarin, I only really noticed it when I was looking for it to be there, otherwise it smells like coffee. The smell of the Mr Bean Coffee Scrub also lingers slightly on your skin, and my bathroom does smell like a starbucks for a good 10-12 hours after use.


The only thing which slightly lets it down for me is the packaging, it’s very nicely done, but in terms of something which is practical to use in the shower, I found it quite difficult to not get my wet hands in (as I think that would ruin the product. The coffee grains get stuck in the seal, which makes it difficult to make air tight, which worries me that it will dry up, so I’m contemplating putting this into a spare air tight kilner jar.

As for the other qualities such as cellulite reduction, stretch mark reduction etc that’s not something I can comment on, I personally feel like you won’t see effects like that until you’ve been using a product for a long time. That’s not to say that it don’t believe it won’t work, caffeine is a stimulant, so I can see how it could have those effects.

Judging this just as a body scrub, not all the extra effects, I’m really impressed and would buy again. I’m not a coffee drinker, but it doesn’t matter – I’m sold by this! The one thing I can’t work out is if they ship to the UK, I can only find an American and Australia/New Zealand version of their website of which neither I can find anywhere that says about shipping to the UK, which makes me curious as to why they’ve had it in the Love Me Beauty – whether it’s planned to be coming here, but I can’t find any evidence that it is!

Have you tried a coffee scrub before?


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  1. Anne
    March 19, 2015 / 11:42 am

    This sounds lovely. It might be slightly messy but the texture looks amazing 🙂
    xxx Anne

  2. March 23, 2015 / 9:06 am

    I love good scrubs—especially facial scrubs.

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