Florapy Calendula Sage Sheet Mask – Face Mask Friday #62

Florapy Calendula Sage Sheet Mask – Face Mask Friday #62

One evening this week Ben was in need of concentrating downstairs so I escaped upstairs with the laptop, loaded up Love Island and did a Lucky Dip into my sheet mask box and pulled myself out a skin treat and this is was what was the lucky day for this one – the Florapy Calendula Sage Sheet Mask.

Florapy is a brand I had seen floating around but had never tried, primarily, from what I can tell being a US based brand, this sheet mask turned up in one of my last Look Incredible boxes – it retails in the UK for £4 where I’ve seen it available (only on the Look Incredible website) but it’s $8 a piece normally.

Anti-aging masks don’t tend to be those that I reach for, but the lucky dip chose my fate and with no particular skin concerns at the time it also didn’t seem like a bad time to reach for something a bit more non-specific (e.g moisturising, oil balancing etc). I quite enjoy the packaging of this range and quite enjoy that it’s not as wasteful on the packaging front being smaller than average and cleverly folded on the inside. But overall I feel like it’s a line which is simple and clean looking which causes it to have an luxe vibe surrounding it.

I’ll start by saying that once unfolded this has been the most confusing sheet mask that I’ve ever tried. The mask came folded in thin plastic which I always find helpful for unfolding without tearing especially on some more delicately textured sheet masks. Without a second glance I slipped off the mask without a second layer and put onto my chops noticing it was a very thin tissue mask, cracked on with getting Love Island set up and then noticed that there was another mask still stuck to the packaging.

I was ready to nip downstairs and tell Ben that weirdly there was another sheet mask which needed using pronto until I noticed the texture was entirely different to the meshy tissue I was already wearing. I peeled it away a little and could instantly feel that what was still attached was a rubbery feeling mask which I first thought was a bio-celluose mask but the website tells me it’s 100% Coconut! so I whipped off what I was wearing and swapped over to the right sheet. Cue looking like a giant golf ball.

It’s worth noting that whilst I think the product would have aired out a lot quicker with the tissue layer, it was completely passable as a sheet mask and I’ve had worse… if you’ve got a partner hanging around get that spare one on their face!

There are two key ingredients in this mask, Calendula known for rapid healing, collagen protection and soothing moisture and Sage which is repairing, hydrating and in there to help reduce the signs of fine lines. For me, not the oldest person, not the youngest at 28 I was expecting to have a smoother, plumper and more hydrated complexion. The two ingredients have a pleasant light herbal fragrance. In addition to the two key ingredients there is a blend of oils made up of vervain flower, grapeseed oil, olive oil, clary sage oil, carrot oil, almond oil, rosehip and vitamin E.

The mask fitted to my face but in a way that made my head look like a huge white sphere, goodbye any signs of shape that my face had as this skimmed over them and didn’t hug them at all. After removing after around 20 minutes when the mask started to dry out and peel away from the face I massaged in the little excess that had been left behind. Instantly my skin felt fresher, soft and moisturised. All good on paper…

The next morning I had the MOTHER of all breakouts, I’ve seriously not had a breakout which has brought me out in more spot over night in the longest time, as I’ve had clear skin for weeks and changed nothing else in my routine it leads me to think that it had to be reaction based, and this was most likely to be the cause.

Overall I enjoyed the experience of the Florapy Calendula Sage Sheet Mask, but I wouldn’t return to try it again whilst I might consider trying others from the range if they were easier for me to get a hold of. At $8 a pop it takes them to being more expensive than I normally like spending on a single use mask, however the comparable bio-celluose masks are never ones which are at the £3 mark and are always £5+, which takes them to being fairly priced. I don’t think my breakout experience was necessarily reflective of everyone’s experience and maybe I’m allergic to Sage (I’ve tried plenty of of products with Calendula in in the past) and Sage is more unusual in my lineup.

Have you tried Florapy Masks before?

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  1. July 20, 2018 / 8:21 am

    Sorry to hear your experience with this mask wasn’t the best. Are there any other masks from the range that you’ve tried?

  2. sophie wesson
    September 28, 2021 / 6:47 am

    This is your great work..
    thank you for sharing

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