Elemis Superfood Berry Burst Face Mask Review

Elemis Superfood Berry Burst Face Mask review

If you saw my Amazon Beauty Haul earlier in the week then you would have seen that I managed to snag a bit of a bargain with the Elemis Superfood Berry Burst Face Mask. It was on offer when I purchased it reduced from £30 down to a mere £12. The face mask addict, or should I say collector – in me couldn’t say no to it and I snapped it up. In all honesty as I’m sure you could guess, I needed another face mask like I needed a hole in my head, but as a sucker for a clay based mask I just had to give it a whirl.

Elemis is a brand I love whenever I try anything from them, but I’ve not tried nearly enough from them – I think the price point is a little higher which stops me impulse purchasing when I can’t see things in person to sniff and try textures of in person first. When I spotted this deal I kind of expected I’d have to let it pass me by as I fully expected Elemis to be a brand that was sold in China and therefore not Cruelty Free, but alas they didn’t let me down and it got added to my cart within seconds of reading that glorious news. The fact it was a clay based mask and had a good 4.5 star rating was enough to convince me without doing much other research.

My skin over the past year seemed to balance out quite a little bit with how oily it was, but I’ve noticed a real deterioration again over the past 1-2 months. Even on makeup free days I notice I seem to be getting a particularly oily forehead mid way through the day. I’m not entirely sure why that is, whether it’s the insane amount of stress I’ve been going through lately, the fact I’ve been pretty lazy with my skincare routine, eating very differently. But something is throwing my chemistry out of whack and I was hoping a good clay mask would  help restore some balance.

I’m nearly out of my trusted Origins Original Skin Rose Clay Mask, it’s been a product on my use up list for the last year and had been the best clay mask in my collection. Looking over a lot of other masks that I had left in my collection – I actually didn’t have many others in back up. Which is why I didn’t feel too bad about adding the Elemis Superfood Berry Burst mask into my collection. The packaging of this is super simple, it’s not as luxe as I’d normally expect from an Elemis product, whilst I like the fun bright pop of colour on the packaging – it’s not what I’ve come to expect from the brand in the past.

I rarely read through the back of the info on the back of a product before I start trying it throwing myself straight into slapping it on my chops – but in this case I found myself reading through the packaging I noticed that it said it may stain fabrics, so I was expecting this to be a really vivid berry toned mask when it came out, but it was a light heather-grey hue and wasn’t very colourful at all. It does have a berry smell, but again it’s not as potent as I was expecting – with the softer tones of a blueberry like note, rather than a powerful sickly berry.

The mask is quite creamy – it’s not as thick as I was expecting, when I compare it to other clay masks it feels a little lighter, meaning that when it dries it feels a lot less like thick cement coating the face and doesn’t start crumbling off. This says to leave for 10 minutes then rinse off – however I tend to leave it for 30 minutes or so.

The texture of this was really similar to the Kiehl’s Cranberry and Turmeric mask which is one of my all time favourites (and saddens me that I can not repurchase again as Kiehl’s are not CF). But with a thick clay texture with oatmeal carried through. It performs very similarily on the skin with the oatmeal offering soft exfoliation as you rinse the product away after it’s dried through. I would say that it’s slightly less of those larger exfoliation particles than the Kiehl’s one which means that to get that soft exfoliation you really need to massage the mask around the face as you are rinsing away – but the benefits are worth it leaving the soft really soft and smooth and not angered by a more aggressive scrub particle.

Elemis Superfood Berry Burst Face Mask texture

Elemis Superfood Berry Burst Face Mask

I’m pleased to say that this has done a great job of helping with that oiliness, my skin immediately after using felt mattified but not dry, the perfect balanced “normal” skin that I crave, and in the days that followed I didn’t notice the same level of greasy forehead. The packaging instructs to use this twice week, I have had this around 3 weeks now and I used it three times within the first week, but with consistent use I’ve noticed that my skin has had an overall improvement and around about twice a week seems to be the perfect amount to balance out those oils.

The packaging claims that it will mattify, purify and balance, and it seems to tick all of those boxes for me and provides noticeable long lasting effects. So all in all, a winner. My skin has started to look far less tired and stressed since the introduction of some form of routine has been reintroduced, and I plan to keep using this mask up – I think I will switch between the Origins one as I’m desperate to finish that one off and this one using both weekly to help maintain that oil-free forehead.

I picked the Elemis Superfood Berry Burst Face Mask up for a great steal on Amazon, but even at full price I would be recommending this mask. Masks like this last ages even using them frequently and if you’re prone to oiliness like I am finding products that deliver are worth the spend for me. As I’m writing this you can pick it up for £15 (fingers crossed the price stays down) from Amazon, Amazon Affiliate link.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite masks are for a skin boost.

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  1. September 25, 2020 / 1:00 pm

    Ooh this sounds really nice, don’t blame you for snapping it while it was on offer! Glad it’s been beneficial for your skin and controlling oil x

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