Secret Scent Box – September 2020

Secret Scent Box – September 2020

[AD – Gifted] There’s been a fair bit of fragrance discussion over the past few weeks – and we’re rounding it up (for now) with the September 2020 Secret Scent Box. If you saw my empties during August, you will have known I’ve been running through these vials through lockdown and been loving having lots of new fragrances to try out. My stash was getting almost depleted, so I was really happy when the next edition landed through my postbox.

I’ve been reviewing Secret Scent Box for a while, so I’m sure most of you are familiar with the concept by now. But as a quick recap for those who aren’t – this is a fantastic subscription for those who like to try out new fragrances, a monthly delivery of three different perfumes (3ml in size each). The perfumes often come at different price points and have different vibes meaning that there’s usually something for every nose preference. Even if not, in over the year I’ve kindly been getting this subscription gifted to me, I’ve never had a fragrance arrive that I’ve found unable to use. The subscription often has at least one newer release into it and the vials are generally designed to last around a month of use. I’m a pretty heavy spritzer when it comes to perfume – so my guess is that I get around 4 uses out of each perfume, but the box has helped me discover perfumes that I wouldn’t have been attracted to in store because of the brand or bottle for example.

It’s a really nicely packaged subscription and is a super dinky package that slips through the letterbox easily meaning there’s no chance of it being taken back to a post office to collect. Inside there’s an individual card containing some details about each of the monthly fragrances, including a brief description and details on the top, heart and base notes. For a fragrance addict like me who loves learning (and writing) about fragrances – I’ve always found these cards particularly interesting.

Let’s jump into the fragrances included in this month’s box.


Michael Kors Wonderlust Sublime

Warm Floral | 100ml Full RRP Price £95

A new introduction from Michael Kors, featuring a stunning looking all gold and amber glass effect bottle that looks super pretty, I bet it would look gorgeous as a piece on my vanity in my gold and green bedroom! The top notes area n interesting spicy mix of Cardamon, Cinnamon, Pepper and balanced out with some freshness with mandarin, whilst the heart notes are more floral with orange blossom, tiare flower and jasmine (all pretty warm florals). Pair those with the base notes of sandalwood, tonka bean and amber and it’s this beautiful warm floral. I could see myself wearing this both day and night – it seems like it would be a really versatile fragrance for me. Those base notes give it a gourmand twist to a floral perfume which is pretty rare in my experience. It feels like a very well balanced perfume and I can still smell it on myself after 10-12 hours, those warm notes linger spectacularly.

Strangely the original Wonderlust arrived in this month’s Scentful box – I’ve tried comparing them to see which I like more and it’s a tough call – they’re both nice for different reasons. The original is classed as Oriental, and it’s certainly a bit more unique within my collection – but the warm base notes add a warm-gourmand twist with the florals. I think if I was buying one now for this time of year it would be this one – but the original is maybe more kind of bag for Spring and Summer.

Davidoff Cool Water Sea Rose Summer

Fresh Floral | 100ml Full RRP Price £50

This is the kind of fragrance I love in summer, it’s a very fresh rose fragrance with top notes of mandarin and pear adding freshness to the rose. The base notes listed are cedar and musk and whilst I can detect a little warmth if I look for it, it doesn’t detract from the very summery top notes. It reminds me a a fruitier version of one of my all time favourite perfumes, Eternity Moment by Calvin Klein. Cool Water is a perfume I’ve always wanted to own but never have done – I don’t know why it’s never quite been at the top of my wishlist but I remember loving it when it first launched and was forever going to spray myself with it in department stores as a teen. This version doesn’t really remind me of it at all, it doesn’t have that deep watery vibe that is so unusual in that original. A pleasant fragrance and I’d 100% use this a lot if I had it in my collection during summer – but it’s maybe a bit less unique. A great fragrance for every day, I found it wore noticeably for around 6-7 hours – something I think is quite common with these airy fresh fragrances that they don’t have the longest wear time.

Just as a side note this seems to maybe be a discontinued version, I could only find it on discontinued for around £25 on every site it was stocked on. It may be a limited edition that’s on it’s way out.

Jimmy Choo Illicit

Gourmand | 100ml Full RRP Price £85

I know many people who love Jimmy Choo’s fragrances but I’ve never owned one myself. They’ve never really called my name but have found them pretty good as fragrance gifts as they seem to be kind of generic, suit everyone type of fragrance. This one might be the one for me though! From the first spritz I did a little “ooh”, the warm base notes are what my nose notices most – with sandalwood and honey-amber accord. The top notes of Ginger and Bitter orange add some spiciness, but it’s not enough to overpower the honey which is a lovely rich note. This is my kind of autumnal vibe perfume, great for something sultry for date nights for something that oozes sexy.

Side note of something I don’t normally discuss, this bottle is super pretty with a modern art deco vibe. I want to see it in person!

What are your favourite fragrances for this time of year?

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