Augustinus Bader The Cleansing Balm Review

Augustinus Bader The Cleansing Balm Review

[Disclaimer – I work for Augustinus Bader, thoughts are reflective of my own experience with the product, purchased with my own money] I’m unashamedly a sucker for a cleansing balm, and when at work we launched the Augustinus Bader Cleansing Balm, I snagged one up almost immediately, and then one arrival plonked it on my shelf in my office awaiting photography and when I eventually got around it, it made it’s immediate way to my sink-side as my go-to cleanser.

Coming packaged in the linen effect box – even though I work for the brand and have a heap of products, opening them up still feels special. I’ve been lucky to give friends gifts of the infamous The Rich Cream lately and the reactions to the boujee packaging always garner an audible ooh as I pass it over. In addition to The Cleansing Balm itself, there’s also a muslin cloth on the inside – neatly presented as I’d expect with a blue ribbon wrapped around. Now, I’m not the biggest fan usually of Muslin cloths, I tend to opt for a microfibre flannel as i find them softer, but this one has got nicer with every wash, and in a drawer full of muslins that came with various cleansing balms over the years, I can pick out which the AB one is as the quality has been so much nicer.

With a blue heavy glass packaging and a sparkling copper lid. This is the star of my ensuite sink side, I don’t use this every single day – but I’ve used it most and it’s lasted me a lot longer than I expected, as a little of this goes a long way. I’ve said in cleanser reviews before, I want a one step does it all in one, I want something that makes light work of removing my makeup and leaves my skin feeling cleansed and nourished without having to flip between a first and second cleanse, and the Augustinus Bader  Cleansing Balm does it all in one.

Formula wise if I was most comparing it on the surface it would be to the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm which I haven’t had for a few years to directly attempt to compare it to, but the texture is thick and luxurious to the touch. My sink shelf is on a windowsill and on warmer days when I pick this up sometimes it is a little melted and towards summer I imagine this would almost a pure oil, as a result I’m not sure how easy this would be to use come summer, not because the product doesn’t work as it still does, but just the method to scoop it out (although if anyone from the new product team read this, can we get a cleansing oil on the list?).

I use the tip of my finger to scrape a little from the product so I have a mid-sized dollop on my fingers, and split between two hands – dotting around my face a little but I tend to on makeup heavy days keep the focus on my eyes and massage it through. The consistency of this melts away even the most bright of eyeshadows and stubborn of mascaras with such ease and makes the job of removing makeup easy. The product feels light and oily as it melts into the skin and is easily washed off either using a cloth, or with water splashed over. If I’m comparing from memory, the Emma Hardie one felt a little thicker to remove.

The effect left on the skin is like having followed up with a creamy and nourishing cleanser to follow as my skin feels so moisturised and soft after removal, a prepped canvas ready for the next layer of skincare. The product is completely scentless, which is a great bonus for me, I prefer cleansers without anything going on. Alongside TFC8 supporting cellular renewal, the key ingredients of Coconut Oil, Avocado-Olive Fruit Oil Complex, Squalene and Vitamin E are a match made in heaven for clean and nourished skin.

Now, I can’t credit this product as the only thing that’s changed my skin over the past few months as I’ve also started using other products from the line too – but my skin is the best it’s ever looked and this oily complexion girl has barely seen a blemish since I started using more of the products within my routine.

The Augustinus Bader Cleansing Balm is at the top end of the luxury market retailing at £55, I bought it with semi-gritted teeth scared I was going to fall in love with it which I have done, but actually – if I look back on when I took these pictures as that was day one of using it, it’s lasted me almost a five months so far and has a good few weeks of use still left inside. After a little reorganisation of my skincare stash, I have a few cleansers to try and finish up, but will I be going back to this ASAP? Yes.

A few years ago I wouldn’t have chosen to put my money into products that rinsed straight down the sink, however as I’ve aged, with more disposable income in my pocket, I’ve enjoyed a high-end cleanser as a treat. Are there ones which do the same job for cheaper? Yes. Is the whole start to finish experience as nice? No. I also think more so than another cleanser I’ve tried this does the double cleanse in one step better than others and my skin is left feeling clean, calm and nourished at the same time. But if you’re on a budget I’d say there are items in the collection if you want to see the benefits of the TFC8 ingredient better. However if you, like me, are a sucker for a boujee cleanser than this is a great option and will last you a decent amount of time as a little does go a long way.

The Augustinus Bader Cleansing Balm is available to buy from the website here and Cult Beauty here within the UK amongst other retailers.


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  1. May 18, 2021 / 3:57 am

    Love that it is scent-free, anything with fragrance around the eyes is a big no and what’s the point of a cleansing balm if you cannot get all your makeup off? This sounds so luxe, but I also think if a cleanser works well for you it’s worth any price! I would actually rather use cheaper makeup than cheap skincare, you take the makeup off at some point but you’re always stuck with your skin.

    • rachael
      May 19, 2021 / 4:13 pm

      There’s a few things I’ve tried in the past which have been packed with essential oils and whilst I don’t find them an irritant, why does it need to be in there for something you want to slather all over your face!
      I like products that work well and I don’t tend to mind the price point so much whether it’s makeup, hair skincare at the moment – good products you enjoy using and do the job efficiently are worth investing in. Cleansing Balms would normally last me 1-2 months max, where as this has kept me going for close to 4 – it’s been worth it for sure.

  2. May 18, 2021 / 6:38 am

    This sounds wonderful! Totally understand what you mean about a one stop cleanser shop, you don’t want have to go in with a cleanser then a micellar water for example to get what the cleanser missed. Skincare is one thing that when invested in tends to pay off, things like concealer or brow products are more easy to dupe and save on but the canvas those products are going on should be looked after in the first place x

    • rachael
      May 19, 2021 / 4:08 pm

      Definitely – it’s funny you mentioned concealer and brow products as they’re two areas I tend to even prefer cheaper alternatives from. The Elf Camo concealer is my current favourite and a complete bargain!
      Even double cleansing is generally too much of a faff for me, I want it all in one!

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