ASOS Hair Boxes – May 2021

ASOS Hair Boxes – May 2021

ASOS have been known to do some pretty stellar beauty boxes in their time, but it’s been a little while since I’ve seen them on the site, and I was surprised actually that October 2019 was the last time I was tempted by one! My good friend Sophie gave a shout in a group whatsapp that these were on there and having had a peek at them both I liked the look of both of them. One of the things I liked most was that they were more haircare focused than styling, as I need another styling product like I need a hole in the head.

Each of the boxes cost £12 each, with a hair focused for textured and curly hair, and another that was more focused on hair repair. I’ve thoroughly knackered my hair over the past few months and it’s well in need of a haircut too, so seeing boxes full of hair masks and nourishing type products was enough to make me press, purchase on both – thank you very much.

Hair Repair Box

With a saving of 69% off the bat this box maybe had me a little less excited than the second. There was a tiny little pot of the Paradoxx Repair 3 in 1 Conditioner – I’ve actually already used this up and as suspected, it wasn’t enough for even one use. I’ve also been intrigued about the Brand Beauty Works after spying their tools and have already been putting to the test their Argan Oil Serum, I’ve only used this once so far but oh, my, gosh, this smells incredible and left my hair looking very shiny and glossy.

I’ve recently heard great things about the new Olaplex No 8 Bond Mask, and there was a 20ml inside here that I can’t wait to try. Living Proof is a brand I’ve mostly enjoyed trying in the past and was happy to have a shampoo to try from the brand for the first time, with a decent 60ml size of the Triple Detox shampoo. Lastly I’ve tried a body scrub from Frank Body, but didn’t know they did haircare and a full size of their Caffeinated Scalp Scrub has gone straight into my shower, I thought this would be particularly nice for summer when my scalp can get quite hot to give it a nice cleansed feeling.

Textured Hair Box

ASOS Textured Hair Box

This was focused a little more at taming unruly hair and curls – my hair has a natural little bit of curl to it to it but I don’t treat it strictly as curly hair. There was one product in here that was the standout, any hair friendly. I recently purchased the Olaplex 3 bond building treatment and have found it incredible on my hair for smoothing over the damage – the box featured a full size of the mask which retails for £26, so that £12 price point for the box was already blown out the water.

In addition star of the show, the box also included the Living Proof No Frizz Intense Moisture Mask in a decent sized 30ml which will give me a clue if it’s good mask. Then there were 3 styling products the Ouai Curl Creme in a 30ml size – I was excited to see this as I’ve enjoyed all the Ouai products I’ve tried in the past.

Finally, there were two giant pots which may be a harder slog to finish for a non curly haired girl. The Cantu Avocado Curling Cream, which is a curl definer but also sounds like it adds a good dose of moisture to hair too, so even if it’s not the best for my encouraging my loose wavey curls out of their shell a bit more, hopefully it can act like a leave in moisturiser. Lastly the Shea Moisture Red Palm and Cocoa Pudding which is more of a curl defining product and encouraging product reading the reviews of this if anything can make my hair curlier, it’s this.

I decided to put both of these into my Essentials spends list for the month. I could already see myself rebuying the Olaplex 3 Treatment and buying both these boxes were cheaper than rebuying that alone. I have confidence that I will finish at least 8 out of 10 of these by the end of the year.

These boxes sold out straight away and sadly, there’s no link to share them, but fingers crossed we see as strong boxes again from ASOS soon.


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