Illamasqua Harem – Swatch & Review

Illamasqua Harem – Swatch & Review

I picked this up last week when I nipped into TK Maxx (full haul here), they had a choice of 20 or so Illamasqua polishes, I’d never tried Illamasqua before so limited myself to just one before I potentially wasted my money on a formulation that I didn’t like.

Illamasqua Harem was easily the colour which caught my eye most in the shop, there was only one thing I could think of in my collection that was a similar shade, but I thought in my head told me this was brighter which it was.    illamasqua-harem-swatch-review

This sits somewhere nicely between a pink and purple, it’s a creamy neon shade – which almost glows on the nails, but a milky pastel tone takes this down a notch from being a true neon, it’s hard to describe and I don’t think I’m doing it justice! On the illumasqua website it looks lilac, disregard that completely, it’s much pinker in person.


The formulation of this is very thick, one coat of this and it was very nearly opaque, close up you could see a few small streaks but a second coat evened it all put and left with a supremely glossy finish here it’s not pictured with a topcoat. Because it was thick I was expecting it to take longer than average to dry, but within minutes it was dry and ready to rock.

Indoor evening light shows pinker than daylight

I had this on for 4 days, there was slight wearing to the tips, but it never got to the point of chipping as I changed my mani up. I think this looked gorgeous on, but would look even better with a bronzed up tan, and I can’t wait to pull this out Inge run up to summer.

I picked this up for £3.95 these normally retail for somewhere around the £14 mark so they had a big saving, I don’t know that I would pick up your average red or pink for this price but I can see illumasqua have a lot of unusual shades in their line up, and for ones like this where I have nothing truly comparable and would fill holes in collections – I think they’d be worth splashing for.


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