WAH Nails Roma's Ruin – Swatch and Review


The second of my little WAH nails haul, this was the polish which made me want to buy from the range. Except yet again, iffy photography was a bit misleading. I fell in love with this polish, but couldn’t tell which one it was, scrolling up and down 20 times through all the products – and I couldn’t work out which it was. I emailed customer services at boots and they told me it was this…

Although I could tell it had some kind of instagram style filter on it, WAH Nails Roma’s Ruin looks nothing like that little picture above, but I got my hopes up so highly that although it looked nothing like it, I decided I would purchase it anyway. Roma’s Ruin is almost gold glitter, varying from the very tiny micro sized pieces, to mid sized chunky pieces. It’s almost pure gold – but I can see a few flecks of red. Those red flecks were almost impossible to capture, they sit underneath the top layer once applied, which helps create depth to the colour. Whilst I have 3/4 glitter gold polishes, what I liked about this one, is that it wasn’t super shiny and brassy. The glitter pieces are almost more like a brushed bronze, which takes the super shiny effect away.

What has impressed me, with both the WAH nails polishes, is that pictured above is only one coat of colour, there is a few patches if you look closely but in general they apply very opaquely and dry very quickly. Neither of these were particularly glossy in finish, but then again they aren’t the style of polish which ever are. Shown below is 2 coats, it certainly adds depth to the polish with 2, but you could get away with one coat if you applied a bit more carefully when I did.

I commented on my review of the Trillest, that the price point seems high and works out more expensive per ml than OPI for example, if all these polishes only need 1 coat than you almost get twice as much from each bottle. But if these products went into stores, or online for that matter, that’s not really clear about how amazingly easy and hassle free they are to apply. I imagine much of the cost of these has been researching and developing formulas which are absolutely incredible to use which influence the price, but for people window shopping they will see polishes which look the same as lots of other brands and then not being able to justify the price comparatively for a smaller bottle (£9 for 6.5ml).
I thought this polish was going to be nice for doing some kind of nail art with, but I think it’s way too thick and opaque in one coat to work with for doing a gradient nail for example. I do however think this would make a pretty accent nail, with a pastel blue or mint green. Again my problem falls down with Boots’ crap photography making me reluctant to purchase again without seeing, as both polishes I purchased had examples of being thoroughly in accurate, and I would 100% try the brand again if I could see the colours in person in a store. But for me it feels a bit like a Russian roulette as to what you might receive.
Capturing a little of the red sparkle in out of focus!
The one colour after seeing this I am now curious about is Schragers touch, if goes on as opaque as this – it would be amazing!


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