My Little Box : DVF Edition – October 2014


I was super impressed with the first edition of My Little Box which I received has month (review here), and was very impatient with this one arriving. But when it landed on my doorstep, I practically ripped the box open with excitement.


This months box collaborated fashion designer extraordinaire Diane von Fürstenberg, known for her bold graphic prints and designs which is embodied on this months box.

The Beauty Products

Kerastase K Laque Noire – Anti Humidity Super Shield Fixing Hairspray:

I’ve never tried anything from Kerastase, but always wanted too. This claims to be extra strong hold, and is a handy handbag size. I need the extra strong hold at the moment, especially when doing curls – so I’m looking forward to trying this. I wondered because it was ‘noire’ if it had any fragrance to it, but it just smells like a regular hairspray to me after a very quick spritz.

L’Occitane Hand Cream – Vanilla Bouquet:

When this said vanilla I must admit I groaned a bit, I can’t stand the sickly smell of vanilla, (candles included), it’s not as vanillary as I had feared, and is more on the bouquet side with a subtle hint of vanilla. I feel a bit ‘meh’ about this – you can currently get full sizes of these free with a magazine (I can’t remember which one but I did see yesterday), so a mini size feels a bit cheap. I’ve used 4-5 of these tubes before so it is a product I do like, and I suppose if I’m being positive, it’s a handy size good for handbags and travel.

My Little Beauty – Eau Micellaire (Micellar Water):

I love Micellaire waters, so I was happy to see this. I love my Garnier one, but the bottle is ginormous, so not the best for travel – this is about half the size, but is still a generous size bottle. It’s got a bit more scent than I am used to with any others I have tried before. I’m looking forward to trying this out. I’ve just ran out of cotton pads but will be trying this out immediately when I buy some later.

The ‘Extras’


Postcard print this month, “be the woman you want to be” – I’d planned to put 3 frames above my dressing table/vanity with these prints which I can rotate round when new ones come in, I don’t particularly like this one as much as last months paris one.


I was really excited to receive the scarf, it’s nice to see this print is actually a print from her current collection, often the designs are discarded designs, not quite good enough to make it for their own purposes. The material is nice and soft and doesn’t at all feel cheap, And like you have got a real slice of DVF.


For me however I’m not sure what I will use it for – in the inner packet for this they featured ways to wear, but it’s no where near as long to wear as ‘en cravate’. The handbag scarf is a nice idea, but won’t go on any of my handbags, a headband… I’m just not cool enough to pull off that look, so would only leave the triangle, which doesn’t quite sit right which is a shame as the fabric and pattern are so beautiful. I will persevere with finding a way to wear it, I just personally wish it was a traditional shape scarf, or a bigger square, as I just can’t get it to work for me. The scarf came in different prints too, with getting a random selection, I kind of wish I had the pink/orange leopard print – as I think I would have wore that more and feels a bit more unusual.


A kiss from Diane, a small inch size pin with red lips, this is quite cute, i like that it’s from the side rather than from the front as I think that would have been a bit tacky, but the expression is more like a smirk, not sure what I can wear this with yet, but i’ll find something!

This month’s also contained a magazine ‘My Little World – A Magazine Filled With Inspiring Women’ which I believe is a staple in each months box, and last month was an exception in not receiving one. I’m kind of a bit ‘meh’ about these things in beauty boxes, GB and Birchbox included. More than half the time they go in the bin without even being read. This one seems to have lots to do with DVF, so I might give it a read.

I feel a little less impressed this month than I did last month, I feel like you got more in terms of quantity for your money, however that being said these types of collaborations with designers must be very time consuming to organise and agree on. I deem the 3 beauty products as what I actually pay for, and anything additional as extra bonuses, so I’m really more disappointed in the main extra bonus than anything else.

I’ll be keeping my subscription for the foreseeable future, the box still feels like a fresh idea to me, not something that anyone else is doing, and I still like that I am discovering a brand that otherwise I wouldn’t be trying. I really liked last months my little product, and has become an almost daily part of my routine, so I have high expectations for this one too.



  1. October 20, 2014 / 5:11 am

    Great review! I got the red leopard print scarf – if you want to do a swap I’d be more than happy to!

  2. Gaelle
    October 21, 2014 / 10:57 am

    You should have received my box and I should have received yours…wish I had received the black and white scarf but got the orange and blue one! Luck will work next time! 🙂

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