Too Yacht To Handle – China Glaze

Another pick from my recent nail polish direct haul. This is from the china glaze sunsational collection, and is a perfect neon cream turquoise.

I absolutely adore the colour of this and wish I had added it into my collection earlier in the summer. 2 coats and this leaves a realitively nice glossy finish, slightly on the streaky side, pictures were taken with 2 coats, but I think a thin third would even it out.

Unfortunately it has a problem. No lasting power. I painted my nails with this at about 9pm, and went to bed by 11 – having done nothing but sat and watched Netflix in between. Then got up ate breakfast, showered went upstairs and saw that four of the nails had chipped awfully, and small chips appearing on all other nails. lasting a grand total of 10 hours on. I repainted in the evening thinking it must just need a topcoat, and wear time improved… to about 15 hours still no where near good enough. It’s such a shame – as the colour is stunning.

Despite the now cooler weather where I should now be putting on my winter boots as I suffer from raynauds – for the last few days I’ve been wearing sandals, just so I can admire my toes as I stroll through the office, looking like a mad woman in the biggest chunky knit winter cardigan paired with sandals. Whilst on my fingers it seemed to have zero staying power, on my toes it’s not budged an inch in almost 2 weeks.

So this one has a bit baffled, I’m glad this was cheaper than the normal on nail polish direct – I’d have been very disappointed if I had paid full price. I would wear this again – put probably only in nail art or if I have a perfect outfit to wear it with.

When it came it wasn’t quite as neon as I was expecting it to be, and thought it would be similar to the infamous For Audrey by China Glaze, but comparatively this is a lot brighter, and makes For Audrey look quite green in comparison.

Has anyone else tried and found the same thing? Has any one got a recommendation for a similar shade that doesn’t have such problems – I’m sure there’s a Barry M Gelly one!


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