Is it me or is it the same?

There’s something sneaky going on between these two polishes, but is there a difference in wear for the £10 price gap between the two?

I said in another post that I was disappointed that Sally Hansen’s colour line had come to the UK so late, I’ve been really impressed with the shades I’ve tried so far, but the collection is generally very classic, filled with colour I already have 2 or 3 almost identical to.
The one shade that has kept catching my eye was Sally Hansen Mermaids Tail (what a cute name), I’ve resisted buying it thinking I won’t wear it that much, until I saw it in my trusty CCO recently for £1.99. So bit the bullet and bought it.
Almost immediately after (whoops), I remembered, “I think I have one like this”, I was right… Meet Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe. They have an extreme price difference so that does make for an interesting test. Deborah lippman is £16, and Sally Hansen is sold in boots for £6.99. Next to each other in the bottle, Deborah Lippmann’s offering looks more glittery, but that’s not really the case when applied…

I painted every other nail with different polishes, both went on very similarity, one coat went on very sheer and the second cost went completely opaque. Out of the 2 the Sally Hansen went on slightly easier as was a little thicker. I personally proffered the fat Sally Hansen brush over the thin Deborah Lippmann.

There’s virtually no difference between the two, but if I was picking one I prefer I would pick Mermaids Tail. Out of the two it gave a more even finish and the Deborah Lippmann is a little patchy in places although that’s hard to capture in picture.
I mixed it up with painting 2 nails on each hand with topcoat to see if it lasted any longer. Or made any difference between the two… They’ve now all been on for 3 days as I’m writing this and nothing has chipped at all, topcoat or no topcoat. Both are showing no wear at all even on the tips. I’m taking this off this evening as I’m going to a wedding the day tomorrow and it doesn’t match my dress! I must say whilst they are almost identical on the nail, I was expecting one of them to be fatally flawed with chipping problems! It’s a shame I can’t leave them on for longer to do a full scale test to see if a difference really does occur over the next few days! But so far they seem to be a perfect dupe!
Deborah Lippmann describes it as

It started with a piece of fabric—a glimmering swatch of inspiration—and ended with this stellar nail shade. Blazing blue and metallic green glitter swirl in a base of sheer navy. It’s out of this world. Galactic, to be exact. –

… Or mermaid chic, to be exact. The description aptly applies to both!
I’m impressed with both, but more impressed that Sally Hansen’s version is identical to a much more expensive polish, and is just as good i not better, My advice, is save your money and buy the Sally Hansen unless you prefer a thin brush.
Have you found any amazing dupes such as this?


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