Revlon Moon Candy Galactic – Swatch and Review


I don’t normally go for these kind of 1 product does all kits, but when walking past boots a few months ago I found the bright blue flakes of this polish really eye-catching and decided to give it a whirl.

The first solid colour, is super duper dark on its own, almost verging on the side of black, however is a one coat wonder (name I give to polishes which go 100% opaque in one coat, and usually call on in an emergency when I’m short of time!). 
Next coat is the blue flakes, this coat definitely adds a blue shine to the base colour as well as the blue flakes. The effect it creates is not super duper glittery with one coat and I think with more than one the coats would definitely start going a bit on the gloopy side. It picks up better in the sunlight, and with a top coat it glistens nicely. 
The top flakey coat is difficult to apply and does seem to take forever to dry, even giving it a helping hand with elegant touch fast dry spray it took a good 10 minutes to fully dry. I’m already starting to see chips in the polish and I’m not even 24 hours in, I think because it is so think it chips much easier.
Small chip starting to appear on pinky
Overall the polish is okay, I don’t know that I would rush out to buy the rest of the collection by any stretch, but equally I wouldn’t not reach for this one in my collection. This colour is better suited for winter if you’re someone who likes to keep their polishes more seasonal, but they do have some other more summery bright colours which would be better for this time of year.
Have you tried any of the other colours from the moon candy range – what were your thoughts?


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