Let's Talk: Topcoat Showdown

Since I finally caved and purchased Seche Vite a couple of years ago, I haven’t looked back. Recently when I ran out before deciding to rush out and buy more I decided to shop my stash and use up all the oddments I had in my collection. My sister recently gave me OPI – Mini Treats pack, which 4 mini bottles, 2 of which were topcoats, both of which I’d not tried before. So here’s 4 different topcoats, from 3 different brands.
1. Seche Vite – Retails Boots £9.00 Per Bottle – I purchase from Ebay usually around £6.00
Pros: Dries quickly, gives a gel like super glossy finish, Increased wear time
Cons: People find it does go gloopy quickly, personally thats not something out of the 6+ bottles I’ve had a problem with, I make sure to screw the cap on super tight. It’s more pricey at the drugstore, but is much cheaper on ebay. The brush is slightly too short to get all the product out when you get to the bottom which is a little bit irritating!
Overall Verdict: This is still my favourite out of all the ones I’ve revisited and tried recently. It’s not the cheapest if you’re buying on the high street, but is much cheaper of eBay and Amazon.
2. OPI Top Coat – Boots Not Available – Amazon £6.50
Pros: Thinner consistency but a decent finish but not super glossy.
Cons: Not particularly quick drying, I still found after 10 minutes of sitting still the topcoat could still scuff and imprint knocks. Didn’t find it increased wear time any more than not bothering.
3. OPI Rapidry Top Coat – Boots £13.25 – Ebay £8.95
Pros: None?!
Cons: Didn’t find for a product called Rapidry it didn’t dry quickly at all, I found the normal OPI topcoat to be better! Baring in mind I only had a mini size bottle, by the time it was half way through it, the formulation had turned to thick and gloopy, and taking even longer to dry than it did to start with. No increase to wear time
Overall Verdict: This one for me is a total skip!
4. Boots Own Brand Seventeen/17 Nail Xtras Double Gloss Top Coat – Boots £3.99
I can’t tell you how many bottles I went through of this before I started religiously using Seche Vite.
Pros: Glossy finish, whilst still being quite a nice thin consistency. I used to pick this up on 3 for 2 and stock up so made it even cheaper, Decent drying time, and overall increased wear time of polish too.
Cons : The last third or so of the bottle used to become to gloopy to use and took longer to dry. Not easily available worldwide
Overall Verdict: I still love this, if I was in a sticky situation where I desperately needed a topcoat, I would go to boots and buy this over seche vite which is more expensive there.



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