OPI Green On The Runway – Review and Swatch

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to write up this review, I featured this as part of my holiday haul, as I picked this up at the start of October when I went abroad in the airport.


My nail polish chipped before I even got to the airport, so I picked this up to see me over whilst I was there, (cough I also bought a lot more whilst there too).

It wasn’t a particularly a “summery colour”, but I was drawn to this in the shop. OPIs Green on the Runway for the Coca Cola collection is a deep green duo chrome, which shifts in the light to hints of bright green and flashes of dark khaki brown.

What has this got to do with Coca Cola I hear you ask, don’t worry I had the same question, it claims to be inspired by Sprite, I’m not sure still how, as this does t really embody their green, silver and yellow cans, but at least it’s closer than red.


Over the past month I’ve been obsessing over green polishes, they’re great at this time of year for the autumn into Christmas time, and is has been one of my favourites of the bunch I’ve been wearing. Wanting to repaint my nails with this as soon as it comes off.   OPI-Green-On-The-Runway-swatches

This lasts really well on the nails, the duo chrome formula is hard wearing, and rather than chipping it just wore on the tips for around 4 days. This was quite glossy by itself, but is found that a topcoat helped make the duo chrome effect more intense with the shift in light. The swatches can’t do it justice, it’s by far one of my favourite OPIs I’ve picked up In a while. The shots below were after 4 days on the nails, where you can see the wear, but the lighting was perfect for capturing the change that this has in different lights.



What are your favourites for this time of year?


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