Golden Rose Holiday 55 – Swatch & Review

 holiday-55-golden-rose-review-swatches   This has been the last of my holiday haul polishes to use (one review still yet to come!), and I’d purposefully saved it until now, because let’s face it – If the film Frozen was a nail varnish it would look just like this.



This is everything you would imagine from how it looks in the bottle, it applies identically to how it appears. A pale blue polish packed with pale silver micro glitter. Applying smoothly, almost opaque in just one coat – but did need two to even out coverage, no texture at all despite how glittery it is.


Unfortunately compared to all the other Golden Rose polishes which I picked up which had AMAZING lasting power, this one fell short. Starting to chip in under 2 days, and definitely needing to be removed by day 3.


That being said I think I will at least be getting one more use out of it during the festive season, probably when I hopefully get around to watching frozen again this weekend. When I had this on my nails this week, everyone at work wanted to know what I had on and I was mesmerised by my shiny nails every time I caught a glimpse.


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