December 2014 Empties: Face + Fragrance


Firstly an apology, I only managed 2 days of blogmas, and have done a generally terrible job of keeping up this month. Working in retail has been unforgiving this month, and I’ve done an extra weeks worth of overtime this month on top of my normal hours. So time for blogging amongst Christmas shopping etc has been minimal!

I’ve used up a hell of a lot of products so I’m splitting this post into two parts – Face + Fragrance and Hair + Body. First up is Face + Fragrance.

Michael Todd Honey and Oat Cleanser


Very moisturising, smells really nice, did a rubbish job of scrubbing away make up – used as a skin care item rather than a cleanser to remove make up. I did find this less effective the longer I used it, but that may be because my skin got used to it.

Repurchase?: No, only because of the customs charges last time basically doubled the price of my order.

Michael Todd Tropical Fruit Enzyme Exfoliator


Despite this having loads of different fruit extracts in, this just smelt of that awful banana flavour medicine that was shoved down my throat as a kid. I didn’t find this the most effective exfoliator – but was gentle enough to use daily. For the price, I think I could find things which are better or spend less and get the same.

Repurchase?: No, I didn’t like the banana scent + same reason customs charges last time.

Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel


My boyfriend bought these for him, and they didn’t help him at all, I used this up (still have another one to go!), which I used as part of my routine, but didn’t use as the sole element. I haven’t used it recently and to be honest, my skin hasn’t shown any difference. This felt very cheap on my skin, like a cheap shower gel.

Repurchase?: Nope!

Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara


My all time holy grail mascara, the last of my stock in the Limited Edition packaging. More volumising than lengthening (perfect for me as I have naturally long lashes). I may have found a rival for this, but I’ll wait to confirm when that’s empty!

Repurchase: Yes! Already have another on the go

Benefit Shelaq


The only product from Benefit I’ve tried which I love! An eye make up sealant which will turn your make up waterproof. I use this more in the summer, on nights out and on days where I want to look okay past 5pm, I wish this wasn’t an empty – I stupidly didn’t left the cap unscrewed and it all dried up!

Repurchase: I wish I could, now discontinued! 🙁

Victor and Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume


Still on my mission to reduce my perfume collection to a core of my real favourites. I liked this perfume, but didn’t find that I reached for it that often. This is a small 30ml bottle that must have taken me 3 years to use up.

Repurchase?: I would use if I had it, but I wouldn’t buy myself – unless it was on a really good offer.

Natural Collection Passionfruit Body Spray


I bought a set of these as a replacement for my Victoria’s Secret Body Sprays, they don’t really come close, Victoria’s Secret I could wear in place of a perfume – and I did, with a much more sophisticated scent with different notes. These are much more mono, only smelling like one thing. This was my favourite of the 3, and I think it will take me ages to use up the other two. I’ll be picking up a lot of the Victoria’s Secret sprays when I can next get near one!

Repurchase?: Meh, No

That’s it, what have you used up this month?



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