Revolution The Mascara Review

Revolution The Mascara Review

[Gifted by Superdrug] I had to admit that it was time to crack open a new mascara as my Topshop one (which I’ve thoroughly LOVED over the past few months) was nearly dried up and I needed to make sure I had a new one at it’s peak. It was a big decision on what mascara to open next as I only ever have one open at a time, and this was going to be the mascara that has to be the mascara that completes all the fun festive eye makeup! I decided to try the most recent addition to my collection – The Mascara by Revolution that recently was gifted in a goodie bag from Superdrug.

Revolution is a brand that I still love but haven’t used as much in the past year or so – I’ve tended to opt for brands more at a mid price and it’s meant that they’ve often been overlooked. I believe I might have previously tried an old Revolution mascara, but now “The Mascara” was boldly named as was the only one in the brand’s arsenal, but they’ve more recently added a waterproof version of this and a new CBD mascara to their lineup too.

First off – when I think of Revolution I think of budget products – I know their palettes go up to £20 now a days for large collab palettes, but when I think of Revolution I think of the £4 palettes I fell in love with when the brand first launched. So it was a little bit of a shock to see that this mascara was £8! It’s by no means expensive by any standards and I’ve spent a lot on high end mascaras over the years, but I was expecting to say that this was a very nicely packaged mascara for just £4! My expectations of this mascara have kind of shifted during writing this review thanks to the price point.

So this mascara is nicely packaged – but it should be at the price point, it comes in at similar prices to L’Oreal, Max Factor and Maybelline, and those brands tend to have nicely designed tubes. It’s a simple chromed rose gold with black writing, but thanks to Charlotte Tilbury I think anything that now comes in this kind of packaging instantly feels a bit more luxe, even when it’s just simple like this! It’s a smart move to put anything in shiny rose gold packaging if you’re a cheaper brand I think!

The brush on this is pretty fat, with a bristle wand and an hourglass shape that I tend to opt for most of the time. I will say that this brush does feel slightly too large and I find it a bit of a pain to get into my inner corners with the fat tip, however overall the hourglass shape picks up a lot of product and offers a lot of lift to the lashes.

I always say don’t judge a foundation in the first week or so as they normally dry out and performance change – however this has been the most rapidly changing formula that I have ever tried. The first time I put this on it added some nice length and a little bit of volume – however after applying it on my lashes at around midday, I noticed it had mostly worn away by around 6pm – it hadn’t transferred anywhere, but it was just no where to be seen. The second and third uses gave a more fluffy lash effect and I felt like at this point it was at it’s peak – from that moment on though the formula seems to have switched to being really really sticky!

The final effect that this has on the lash is pretty, with length, volume and super black pigment it’s a good mascara – I prefer a flufflier looking lash where this can look a little spidery, but it’s not too much to grumble about. Two things I have learnt about it is that; you have to know when to stop, it’s easy to keep going in to try and perfect the lash look but the lashes start sticking together with this formula. Secondly, that to get the mascara to look it’s best it’s going to take longer than average to apply. Normally when I apply mascaras I will use the full length of the brush across the lash and tweak any areas needed with the tip of the brush to add more volume/reduce volume – but with this mascara I feel like I have to almost portion my lashes off and do in stages as if I go in too much the touch ups just turn to clumps and the lash starts to feel quite heavy, from that point it takes a long time to try and undo any issues. With Revolution The Mascara, I feel like it takes me three times longer than it normally would to do my lashes.

The Mascara Applied

(If you’re wondering I am wearing Jouer High Coverage Foundation, Pat McGrath Sublime Palette (using 2 shades) and Fenty Flyliner and Revolution The Mascara (of course!))

The mascara now in it’s stickier form seems to last better on the lashes than it did on its first wear – I find it does loose some impact through the day but it isn’t a formula that has left me with pandaesque smudges and still looks like a nice volumised lash by the time I come to take my makeup off. In terms of removal, this mascara does come off okay – providing you use the right products. Normally I can get most of my eye makeup off when I’m feeling lazy or tired with Micellar water, however this doesn’t come off very well with a simple quick solution. I’ve found a cleansing oil is the thing that breaks this down easily and it’s easy to see when the mascara is coming off with an oil just how pigmented the mascara is.

I will use this mascara up, or until the stickiness gets too much but it’s not a mascara I will consider repurchasing as it’s too much faff for me and takes too much time. I’ve known other mascaras at the same kind of price point that I’ve enjoyed more (L’Oreal Lash Extatic) and it’s just not the one for me. Interestingly looking up reviews of The Mascara on the Superdrug website, it has more 1 star reviews than anything else, so I think that speaks quite strongly on how people find it in general.

Have you tried Revolution The Mascara? Let me know what you thought if so!

Mascara gifted in goodie bag from Superdrug, but I was under no obligation to review.


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  1. December 19, 2019 / 6:40 am

    The simple packaging is nice 😊 sticky is a term I haven’t heard about many mascaras before but it doesn’t sound pleasant, sounds like it’s a good thing this was a freebie!

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