NARS Climax Extreme Mascara Review

NARS Climax Extreme Mascara review

[Ad – Gifted] NARS isn’t a brand that I tend to buy from as they are not Cruelty Free, however it arrived through as a PR sample and I decided to give a try out anyway. I’ve generally always liked NARS products that I’ve tried – but that’s been purely lip products and the iconic Creamy Concealer. I’ve not tried their eyeshadows, foundations or mascaras before – which I know do have cult followings of their own. The NARS Climax Extreme Mascara is the newest mascara addition to the line, and in classic NARS fashion, of course it has an sexualised name.

The sample I had was a deluxe size, and the packaging was classic soft matte in black, however the full size tube is much more interesting with a ridged like detail down the side. NARS already have the Climax mascara in the line which comes in a red tube, and the Extreme version promises; extreme volume, pigment and performance in one coat. And boy where do I start with this?

Firstly the wand on this is a big ‘un – it’s got a very tapered shape which in pictures makes it look ideal for getting into those inner corners, but the reality is whilst it’s a great shape it’s both fat and and long. It’s such a chunky wand even with my naturally long lashes I’ve found it pretty hard to navigate using it. Particularly on my bottom lashes this is a nightmare – the bristles are so fanned out the fine bottom lashes are hard to get covered in mascara, unless you also want to give yourself panda eyes at the same time.

I’ve been using this as my mascara as about a month now, and whilst I’ve not been using it every day, I’ve been hoping and waiting that it will dry out a little more, however it’s quite a wet formula which doesn’t seem to want to dry out and as a result, I really don’t find it all that easy to build volume with it. I’ve even took to leaving it open for a few hours at a time but it’s still such a wet formula.

The sparse bristled brush I find on second coats starts clumping lashes together, rather than adding extra volume. It’s a fine line with this mascara between adding the right amount of product to get the best result, and the lashes suddenly looking clumpy and terrible. Lastly, it’s lasting power is just not good on me, it’s not a waterproof formula, but this streaks terribly with any moisture at all. I don’t tend to have issues with mascara transferring, but this one is one of the worst I’ve tried – within only an hour I can often see that it’s transferred onto eyeshadow, under my lower lashes, close to the brow bone etc.

Through the day I find that it does loose impact on the eyes, particularly on the bottom lashes where it almost disappears.

Two Coats Freshly Applied

After 1 hour – Smudging on the brow bone towards inner corner

NARS Climax Extreme Mascara – After 9 Hours Wear

The effect on the lashes certainly isn’t the worst I’ve used before, however it’s far from being the best. I like a full and fluttery lash and this was far from delivering that and the longevity and transferring was unforgivable for me. I’m no stranger to high-end mascaras and it’s what I tend to opt for when I’m buying – but even I know that there’s a lot better out there for a less than a tenner than this! It’s very rare I will toss out any product before it’s actually empty but this one is seriously close to being thrown in my empties pile long before it should be due!

Strangely this mascara has pretty good reviews online on all sites where sold – but there are a few people out there saying the same thing as me too, but it’s enough to put me off trying the original which I’ve been recommended a fair few times before!

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  1. December 7, 2020 / 7:02 am

    Sorry to hear you didn’t get on with this, formulas that don’t dry out aren’t what I like either! I’ve seen mixed reviews but not sure I’d pick it up. Maybe the full size performs differently?

    • rachael
      December 7, 2020 / 12:37 pm

      Yeah I have wondered that – and wonder whether the longer tube makes the brush easier to control. It’s funny – most people say they find deluxe sample mascaras are better performing than full sizes! Definitely not with this one though!

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