KVD Go Big Or Go Home Mascara Review

KVD Go Big Or Go Home Mascara Review

A little while ago my mascara collection was depleting and I’d spotted that the KVD Beauty Go Big Or Go Home Mascara was in a boots £10 Tuesday deal and it seemed only logical to snap it up – particularly as the reviews I’d seen of the mascara were very positive and it looked like the kind of mascara I tended to gravitate towards.

Once I was coming close to the end of my Pat McGrath Dark Star Mascara, I got this out to start “getting it going”. If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you’ll know that I’m not inclined to start judging mascaras much in the first 10 days or so of being open. Mascara formulas change a lot and can also change quickly, and I find a mascara normally hits its peak after a few weeks once some air has been pumped through the mascara tube. However, that being said this had me doing an audible “ooh” from the very first application.

But let’s rewind a little and start where I always tend to – with the packaging. The tube on the KVD Go Big or Go Home Mascara is slightly ostentatious, slightly chunkier than it needs to be already and then with the raised gothic lettering too, only adding further bulk to the tube. However I do feel like it’s nice to hold – there’s a soft matte feel mixed with the glossiness of the lettering, it feels luxe and worthy of it’s price point. Even more so if you can snag it for £10 like I did!

KVD Go Big Or Go Home Mascara tube and packaging

One of the things I want to applaud with the marketing of this mascara is that they’ve not retouched the images. There’s been so many adverts over the years of mascaras where the lashes look digitally painted on, but the pictures on the box of the tube have texture and it had me hoping that the promised effect of a full and fluttery voluminous lash was indeed true.

The wand itself is a little on the chunky side, and my preferred preference – a bristle wand. It has a slight rounded shape with a tapered end which makes it easy for getting into the corners of the lashes, and not too chunky for also using on the bottom lashes. There are some brushes which get so chunky the application can feel clumsy and often messy, however with the KVD Go Big Or Go Home Mascara doesn’t tinker over that edge.

KVD Go Big Or Go Home Mascara Brush Close up

I’ve been using this for around two months or so now, and it’s seen everything from the cool-winter-like British summer to the humid and hot days, and no matter the weather one of the things that has impressed me most about this is it’s longevity and ability not smudge or budge even in sweltering humid heat.

I look for big voluminous and very black lashes – I don’t mind some slight clumping. I put the brush right at the base of the lash, the formula is quite thick and I find a wiggling technique up the lash the best way to coat the lashes and keep them separated. Wwith two coats (which is what I have pictured below, and the way I tend to wear the GBOGH mascara) is that the lashes still stay defined and don’t turn into a massive clump. The lashes hold a curl well and don’t flatten out, and the formula feels pretty lightweight and even for a mascara that looks very voluminous.

KVD Go Big Or Go Home Mascara Applied


After (Two Coats) KVD Go Big Or Go Home Mascara - volume and curl

KVD Go Big Or Go Home Mascara Applied

Eyeshadow used: Colourpop Malibu Barbie Palette

KVD Go Big Or Go Home Mascara has made it’s way into my top mascaras of all time list, and that list is now pretty short thanks to most previous favourite not being cruelty free. At £10, this was an utter bargain – but at the the full price, it’s still a mascara I’d happily repurchase too.

If you’re in the market for a new mascara, I highly recommend giving the KVD Go Big Or Go Home mascara a try. Available to purchase from Boots (affiliate link) here.


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  1. July 8, 2021 / 8:30 am

    This looks beautiful on your lashes! Yay for having found a cruelty free mascara option x

    • rachael
      July 19, 2021 / 2:40 pm

      Yeah I’m happy to have found something that I can get again easily and guilt free!

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