Top to Toe with Jacamo

Top to Toe with Jacamo

[Gifted] It’s very rare that you see fashion posts around here, this year it’s something that I want to do more of in 2019, but I wasn’t expecting to be kicking off this with men’s fashion. When Jacamo got in touch and kindly offered my significant other – in this case, Ben my husband, a voucher to spend to get some clothes, I asked him if he was up for it – and as someone who rarely gets the opportunity to enjoy “freebies” with me, but does quite often have to deal with the mess/piles of it around the house waiting to be photographed. He took his opportunity to freshen up his wardrobe with some staples,

I think we’d both admit that Ben would likely have never have considered shopping on Jacamo, he’s like me in that if he’s unfamiliar with a brand he’s not very likely to shop there for knowing what size to pick. I think we were both surprised when we went online to have a peek at what he could spend his voucher on to see that Jacamo not only has their own line of clothes, they also carry some other major brands too. Also I always considered Jacamo was for the larger man, and actually I’ve learnt now that it caters for just about everyone.

Ben decided to pick the fullest outfit that he could do – and opted for a shirt, jeans and a fabulous pair of shoe-boots. He went for a classic smart casual look and as someone who generally likes his brands, managed to make fantastic use of his voucher with two well known brands as well as trialling a Jacamo own piece.

Ben picked out a classic Oxford shirt, I really liked this on him and it will also be a great shirt for layering under jumpers – under more normal “February weather” where sunglasses are not normally required!  He said that the shirt was a little on the thin side, but he could see himself wearing it more so in summer and would be good for holidays. What I liked about this too is that the shirt had a bit of texture, almost like a linen type feel, so it didn’t feel quite like our school shirts which had pockets on!

His hardest choice was probably on the jeans front. Ben won’t mind me saying, but he’s always had big thighs since we met aged 15 and he played rugby several times a week and they’ve never left him behind (whilst the weekends spent in A&E which came hand-in-hand with the trips to rugby have thankfully gone!). The first pair he picked were French Connection ones which fit his thighs perfectly, but was way too big on his waist, so he tried a different pair from the brand Voi, which like Jacamo he’d not had any items from before either.

These are the Voi Jeans Jack straight cut and he picked the dark blue wash, which I think tends to look the smartest and is definitely Ben’s comfort zone for jeans. These fit really well and look really smart they have a nice subtle brand detail over the pocket on the front and some nice extra detailing.

Last up is was boots, Ben did have a hard time picking shoes has he has very large feet – a UK 12. However once he found this pair from Dune – the Chukka boots – he was sold, as he had nothing like it in his collection. These are a great mix between smart and casual, with a canvas-like panel which contrasts against the warm tan leather. The white sole is also something that he doesn’t have anything of in his collection.

Ben has foot and ankle issues, and he’s found these supportive and comfortable, and best of all they have a zip on the sides – so you don’t have to tie your laces every time, the ultimate hero when you’re running late. These are great quality and I suspect, like I have had a pair of Dune Boots in my collection since I was at university – that these will be in his wardrobe for quite some time.

Now we’ve taken these pictures, I’m sure Ben is happy that I will finally let him wear his new threads out and about! I’m sure having seen the selection of brands on offer at Jacamo it won’t be his last time shopping on the website either.

Where does your SO shop for clothes most often?

Online store credit was gifted to us in exchange for a blog post. Our review is honest with my experience of the product. Post contains affiliate links.


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  1. February 26, 2019 / 4:48 am

    It’s so hard to find a good pair of jeans and those look really nice. Boots with a zip are the best!

    • February 26, 2019 / 10:36 am

      They are, I love boots with a zip, it’s rare you see them when they’ve still got the look of laces in them!

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