Worth the Hype? Filorga Time Filler Eyes Review

Filorga Time Filler Eyes eye cream review

[Gifted] I don’t have a strict budget when it comes to beauty products – but I do appreciate that if I’m spending more than I would on average, I expect to see that a product performs twice as good as a favourite if I was to spend twice as much on it. So when I tell you that the Filorga Time Filler Eyes eye cream has been well and truly thoroughly tested because of it’s price-tag before I came to review it for about six months, I really bloody mean it. Not only that but this was reportedly the most Googled beauty product of 2018.

This product was gifted to me for review by Marks and Spencer’s Beauty PR.

I guess on average for the most part my eye creams seem to be in the region of £15-25, there’s a few cheaper ones I’ve found but the paranoid eye bag avoider in me is willing to spend a bit more to stop the crows feet stamping their way over my face. This one however has a bit more of an “ouch” price tag at £47 for a 15ml pot.

Filorga Time Filler Eyes review

The Filorga products I would describe as being nicely packaged – I think I’ve had nicer. This came in a lovely box, which was far too big for what was actually inside, it could have been halved. Whilst the product itself lives inside a frosted plastic pot, It has a glass effect, and it’s fairly light – again chunkier than it needs to be when you see the well inside for the product. It’s bigger than it needs to be which makes me not inclined to take it anywhere for travel, but at least the fact it’s not glass makes it not ludicrously heavy, should you wish to pack it with you for travel skincare on the go.

One touch I did like is that the product came foiled so it was nice and fresh once I opened.

The texture of this is not like another eye cream I can think of – it’s somewhere between a gel and cream texture and has a similar silky-graininess that a silicone primer can have. This is likely due to a palm oil derivative ingredient which is high up on the list – Ethylhexyl Palmitate – which is used as a organic silicone supplement.  This whilst it doesn’t feel greasy to me, it does feel heavy so it’s an eye cream I personally would only use at night.

I was intrigued as someone who isn’t yet got major signs of ageing to see how this would work for me as a ripe 28-29 year old (I was 28 at the time of starting trying this). And this is why my review has put so long to put together as I’ve been using it to really see what results this eye cream that costs over £3 per ml can actually do. The reason that this product has become so hyped online is that it claims to mimic the effects of botox and whilst £3 per ml is expensive (at least to me!) for eye cream it’s a damn site cheaper than botox.

This claims to target and improve five main areas
– Wrinkles
– Eyelids
– Lash Volume
– Under eye hollows
– Dark circles

Filorga Time Filler Eyes Key Ingredients

The key ingredients of this are Hyaluronic Acid which I’m sure as many know is a well known moisturising ingredient, and a Tripeptide formula of amino acids which stimulate the skin to stimulate collagen production. I’ve found the eye cream moisturising, but no more so than any other eye cream that has Hyaluronic Acid as an ingredient. I started first by only using this under my eyes and for 3-4 months I’ve not noticed that the packaging said it could also be used to improve lash volume, so for the six weeks or so I’ve also been trialling to see whether it made a difference in this area too.

Time for the results…

I’ve found the eye cream moisturising – but I do so with just about any eye cream. HA is a well known ingredient, present in so much skincare that the cost of this for this effect alone isn’t warranted. I can’t say that I’ve noticed any difference in the fullness or volume of lashes I have. I’ll continue using it on this until the pot ends and will report back in my empties should that change. I’ve noticed it does well of hiding he dark circles on tired mornings (but so does Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery), but in terms of treating the fine under eye lines I have had creep in the past 18 months – it’s not changed their appearance at all.

I will say a little of this goes a long way, this pot has lasted me since around the beginning of October, and I’d estimate I’ve still got roughly a third left. If you’re at the beginning of your anti ageing journey, I can’t see this making a huge amount of difference – it’s a nice eye cream, but so are ones which are half the price, but maybe – just maybe  this would work better on someone older with more noticeable signs of ageing, and I have seen this reviewed mostly positively online. But I do have to wonder if it didn’t do anything but hydrate my area and even manage to make noticeable changes to the finest of eye creases, how it would perform on anything more deep set.

If you’ve stumbled upon this review and you’ve got the cash in hand and it’s in your price range then I’d say give it a go. But if you feel like it’s out of your price range there are excellent eye creams out there from the likes of Kiehls as an example which I think could do an excellent job.

I wouldn’t however rule out trying this in 5 years or so should I need a more powerful aid.

The Filorga Time Filler Eyes is available to purchase at Marks and Spencer here.

What are your favourite eye creams?

Product was gifted for consideration of feature or review from Marks and Spencers. My review is honest with my experience of the product. Post contains affiliate links.


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