Weekly Roundup #10

This week has been crazy, work has been really busy as some one was off and the week felt full of unexpected curveballs to deal with. We also had a few home dramas this week that just felt draining. So much so that I actually took a day off blogging as Thursday night I transformed into a completely stroppy bitch and Ben had to suggest I went for a shower to de-stress, so I took Friday off to recharge the batteries a little!

Monday – The Biggest Empties Ever Introduction (link)


I kicked off my 7 and a bit month empties with an explanation as to how and why the pile got too big, and showed you a breakdown of the 220 products in the pile and how they divided up in to categories and likes vs dislikes.

Tuesday – The Biggest Empties Ever : Makeup & Nails (link)


The Makeup and nails portion of the empties which has proved the most popular so far!

Wednesday – The Biggest Empties Ever : Fragrance & Essentials (link)


I deserve an award (or at least to treat myself to a new perfume!) for how many perfumes I managed to clear out from my collection. I’m almost at the point where I’m down to just perfumes that I love, and will be needing to replenish stock soon!

Thursday – The Biggest Empties Ever : Bodycare (link)


Also known as showergel empties, as there was a hefty chunk in this pile.

Friday – Day Off!

Saturday – Morgan Taylor Royal Treatment Polish Review (link)


My second try of a polish from Morgan Taylor, that like the first wasn’t without it’s disappointments.

As I’m writing this up now it’s Saturday night and I’m home alone – Ben is out at a Ball for work which I opted out of because a) I didn’t want to find something ball appropriate to wear b) I didn’t want to pay to put the dogs in kennels, c) It was an excuse to stay home and do whatever I wanted to do before I’m going to pick Ben up. I was going to do some blogging tonight but I just don’t fancy it – I’m instead going to play on The Sims 3 (aka the best sims) which I haven’t had time to play on in about 8 months and watch a movie – I can’t decide what though, I’m thinking maybe Up or something trashy that Ben wouldn’t let me watch if he was here.

We didn’t manage to watch too many films this week to tick become closer to our 100 movie challenge – we’re now at 82 – after watching Fantastic Beasts last weekend we decided to rewatch Harry Potter, so we’ve watched the first two again, and they’re getting me to feel a bit more Christmassy.

I have the final 2 posts in my empties to get finished – they’re both so big with 60 items each in face skincare and haircare that I’m just feeling like UGH, I don’t wanna do that. But I’m going to try and motivate myself to do it tomorrow, post Sunday Lunch with my parents as it’s my Mum’s birthday on Monday to actually get em done and dusted. I’m mostly organised for next week so I can hopefully do them in bits over the week and get them done!


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  1. sophieinwonderlandxo
    November 27, 2016 / 8:30 am

    You definitely need to take a break sometimes and relax! Hope you’re feeling better! 🙂 xxx

  2. November 27, 2016 / 1:19 pm

    Hope you’re feeling better. I ha e days like that too. Best to take a break and destress x

  3. November 27, 2016 / 4:58 pm

    Aww poor Ben had to attend a Ball on his own?! Granted, it’s so much easier for men to dress up for a Ball. They can literally just wear all black suit and a black tie. DONE.
    I haven’t played Sims in forever… I used to love that game and all the hacks, lol.
    Did you end up watching a movie? I watched the movie “The Intern” by myself. It was decent, which surprised me – turned out the SO was interested in watching it, ah well.

    • November 27, 2016 / 6:42 pm

      I actually ended up watching a programme called the missing on the bbc which I’ve now watched 5 episodes of since last night! I couldn’t decide what movie so went with the programme that had rave reviews from everyone watching!
      We watched the intern a month or two ago, thought it was a great movie, felt ‘realistic’ and not too far fetched
      Exactly Ben didn’t actually enjoy himself as the food was bad, by the time I’d bought something to wear and put the dogs in kennels we would have been £130 down for something I wasn’t bothered about!

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