The Subscription for Scentaddicts

The Subscription for Scentaddicts

[Gifted] You’ll know that I’ve been trialling a few different options on subscription market when it comes to perfumes recently and this time we’re talking about the Scentaddict subscription which comes from The Fragrance Shop. I really like the idea of this subscription, as if you’ve got a fragrance in mind, now’s your chance to take it out for a whirl.

The Scentaddict website works as if you were buying a perfume from a website, you can browse hundred and hundreds of perfumes and add up to 12 onto your wishlist. You’ll receive a surprise from your wishlist at your door each month – an 8ml atomiser, which is a fairly generous amount designed to last you through the month to trial.

The subscription costs £12 per month, which sounds a little pricey on the surface, but 8ml is a decent amount of perfume, and is inclusive of the costs of delivery. Not only that but the £12 subscription can then be redeemed against purchasing the largest size bottle from the range. You can also opt for a one off £15 purchase on perfumes should there be one that you specifically have your eye on and you want to take for a roadtest before you try.

The boxes are a little larger than they need to be, but are nicely packaged. I’m not sure whether it’s the PR package that I’ve received mine in for the past two months, or just a general issue – but I have had to go and pick both of mine up from the post office as they were too large to fit through the letterbox. I’m sure that’s additional PR packaging and they are designed to just slip through the letterbox, but I thought it was worth noting.

The atomisers supposedly come in both white and black colours, both mine have been white so far and they have a lovely glistening pearly finish. The packaging is sleek and the top twists up to reveal the spray – something I really like as if you’re carrying this in your handbag, you’re unlikely to accidentally find that it’s “undone itself”. Each month you receive the refi

I think this is fantastic idea to trial a shortlist of perfumes you may have your eye on trying, I constantly have about 5/6 perfumes on my want list, and this would be a great way of trialling and comparing a few before deciding whether to add them to my collection – and then if I was going to buy I’d get some money off too! I also like the idea of this if you’re a frequent traveller or someone who regularly freshens themselves up with perfume in the day, you can easily slip this into a handbag or cosmetics bag for travel, and either stock up on a favourite fragrance to save the hassle of decanting if you’re trying to save on space or start dating something new.

My one criticism of the packaging is that I wish that the fragrances had a sticker or something to stick onto the package, or a way to see through onto the vial to see what one you currently have in. I’d be unlikely to finish a whole one in a month as I’d also be using other fragrances and it would be good way for me to see what I would currently be using.

I opted for fragrances I’d likely not have tried before and picked out three – one is still to arrive next month. I’ve opted for Gucci Guilty and Missoni Woman. Gucci is a very “classic” fragrance to me, it reminds me of dark Chanel fragrances like No 5. It’s cozy amber base notes elude such warmth alongside musk, pink pepper and vanilla – whilst it’s floral notes see it soften throughout it’s wear. For me this is an evening fragrance, it’s sexy and sophisticated.

Missoni Woman has this glorious bright colourful bottle, the first notes from this which hit the nose are fresh citruses of bergamot, citron, lemon and pear, settling again to start revealing fresh florals such as jasmine and warmer base notes of tonka bean and sandalwood. The interesting thing about this perfume is that it contains Ambroxan, the adjusting molocule made famous by another brand for being “different on everyone” as it adjusts heavily to your body’s PH level. I’m enjoying this more than I thought I would and like the bottle so much I’m adding this onto my yes list for purchasing at some point in the future.

I think this is the perfect subscription if you struggle to make your mind up on fragrances, they’re often an expensive investment and this really does give you the opportunity to take them on a proper test drive. I think I’d be inclined to give myself a very short list of 3/4 perfumes that I’d be most interested in trialling at the time so I’m likely to end up with the ones I’m most interested in trialling. I think the price point of this is good, and the fact you can knock the cost off a full large size fragrance is fabulous plus point.

What perfumes would be on your list to trial if you signed up?

Products received were gifted in PR, thoughts were honest of my experience with the brand.


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  1. May 28, 2019 / 8:53 pm

    I would love to try more Dior perfumes, Blooming Bouquet is my favorite perfume, Vera Wang Princess Perfumes, and I’d like to try some from Yves St. Laurant. I’ll have to see if they have this program in the states! XO❤ Emma|Canvas of a Face

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