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The Summerton Club Review - Mackmyra Gruvguld Whisky

Buying for the person who has everything can be a little boring and unoriginal in times. I’ve lost count of the times in the past where I’ve bought for “that family member” who never has anything on the list and nipped into the supermarket to buy a generic spirit bottle. Not anymore. Meet the Summerton Club.

At this point what isn’t there a subscription service for? Baking, Spice Kits, Beauty and even dog treats have the ability to be delivered to your door frequently – all of which I’ve tried out too – but I’ve never delved into an Alcohol subscription before, so I was delighted to try out the Summerton Club (as was Ben!).

The Summerton Club is a Craft Spirits Subscription, and offer a ‘Bottle of the Month’ service which you can choose to buy as a one off or subscribe at a period to suit you – monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, whether that means a fresh delivery every month or every two, you can choose how frequent a delivery is for you (or how generous you’d be as a gift!). The Summerton Club specialising in finding rare and unique blended spirits which are not found from a wander down your supermarket aisle. 

We received a delivery of October’s edition which is the only Swedish Single Malt Whisky – Mackmyra Gruvguld. As someone whose not really a whisky person even I was delighted to see this was such a lovely packaged item. The bottle arrived beautifully boxed, with bold modern writing and a simple clear glass bottle, the bold writing from the box was transferred to the bottle and finished with splashes of gold. Simple and Lavish – a gorgeous addition to our bar set up! Best of all it’s not available in the UK which makes this an exclusive to the subscription for the month, a real treat for any sprit specialist. Ben has taken reign of this Whiskey and has been proudly showing this bottle to people who visit, which personally I think is a great sign if you were to gift this to someone.

The thing I liked most about this was that they included a leaflet with additional information on the product which gives the story behind these often unheard of spirits. In the case of this this special Swedish Spirit we learnt that Gruvguld means “Gold from the Mine” (now those gold splashes on the bottle are explained. The Whiskey is aged in small casks of 30-128 litres and stored 50m below the ground at a mine which stopped operating in the 1970’s called “Bodås Mine”.

Whilst this whisky has been and gone on their “Bottle of the Month” in October – I still wanted Ben to give his verdict on the quality and flavour of this whisky, should you want to try and hunt it down for yourself and to speak on the service

My first impressions of this wonderful Whisky (no e!) were very good. The modern and clean design of packaging is impressive, and I think befitting of Mackmyra (a relative new-comer). The peak behind the scenes on the side of the box is a nice touch, the large oak barrels reassuring you of the craft behind the drink.
I’m not going to profess to be an expert… I’m not, but I do have a good idea of what I like in a whisky (or whiskey). The colour is great, a golden amber you would expect. In terms of flavour, I generally don’t go for anything too earthy, preferring a smooth or spicy taste.  Here we lean toward the latter, which is quite evident as you take a sip, and in the lingering sensation. In between is a satisfying vanilla smoothness, which makes the whole experience very satisfying.
Perfect for these winter months, I’m sure one or two more of the whisky drinkers in my family will want a taste this Christmas!

Fear not if you’re not a whisky fan, past bottles of the month have included Cognacs, Rums, Brandys and even Calvados. Prices are £50 per month and aim to offer bottles for cheaper than you would be able to buy them for elsewhere and in some cases be UK exclusives. You can find the Summerton Club Here if you would like to take a look as a present or subscribe for others.

Bottle kindly sent as part of PR for feature by the Summerton Club. Thoughts and opinions based on our honest experience with the brand.


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