Project Pan 2022 | 3 Month Update

Project Pan 2022 | 3 Month Update

We’ve made it a quarter of the way through the year, which means we’re at the first check in point for my Project Pan. With some good progress, some finished products that have alread hit my empty pile and some that have not seen much progress at all!

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer
Goal: Use 5.5g
Start Weight: 58.73g | March Weigh In: 53.82g

I’ve been surprised at how quickly I’ve been getting through this bronzer, the Argan Bronzer from Physicians formula showed little progress and took me over a year to finish. This must be a much softer formula – not quite hitting my my progress goal at 4.91, but almost! I think this will be one that does manage to get finished within the year, it may become a little too light in summer, but back into autumn and winter should see me be able to finish it.

Estee Lauder Witty Peach Blush
Goal: Hit Pan
Start Weight: 89.75g | March Weigh In: 88.48g

I picked this out as the old version of this used to be my favourite, but I’m haven’t found myself loving it on my skin. I really have to build it up to see any colour and then when I can see colour I feel like it’s not the tone I want to see and isn’t suiting my complexion right now. I’m not officially decluttering this, but I’m going to revisit it in summer and see if the colour suits me more then, for now I’m cycling in a different blush into my project pan instead.

Becca Khloe & Malika Highlighting Beads
Goal: Finish
Start Weight: 27.02g | March Weigh In: 26.27g

I haven’t used these as much as I was doing before Christmas, these are a little on the dark side for me right now, the lighter “beads” seem to wear quicker than the darker bronze coloured ones. I’ve almost finished another Becca highlighter instead, but I think I’ll use this more as the weather warms up and I hopefully get my summer tan back!

Glossier Priming Moisturiser
Goal: Finish
Start Weight: 41.37g | March Weigh In: 24.32g

I’m so annoyed this is so close to done. At the end of January this went missing for a few weeks and I thought I’d thrown it away accidentally, and I suspect if I’d not lost it I would be declaring this one as empty now! I definitely have enjoyed this more in winter than when I first used it in summer and think it’s more oily skin suitable during cooler months for me. I think I’ll actually miss this when finished off.

Jouer High Coverage Foundation in Pebble
Goal: Finish
Start Weight: 111.62g | March Weigh In: 102.75g

This is my old favourite foundation but I find it way too heavy for me day to day now, the colour for me is also slightly dark and finding that it’s not the best colour match for me at the moment so haven’t used it too much. I think I’ll come back to it more in summer when the colour match is a little better for me, but I try to use it every now and again and work with some lightening drops to make the colour more usable. One time I recently went to use it, I realised the pump wasn’t working and in a mild disaster managed to spill a huge amount of it, the gram decrease doesn’t reflect the usage at all!

NARS Lip Crayons in Valkerie and Do Me Baby
Goal: Finish
Start Weight : 15.26g | March Weigh In: 14.38g

I felt like I’d used these more than I have, but I think the thing that puts me off using them is that they are a pain to sharpen! I have four sharpeners and none of them seem to sharpen these easily and I find a lot of the time I’ve gone to use them they have been blunt and trying to rotate them in sharpeners is near on impossible! I’ve used Valkerie more, it’s the more netural of the two, but I have enjoyed using these.

By Terry Eyeliners (Names Unknown)
Goal: Finish
Start Weight : 7.55g | March Weigh In: 7.46g

Sadly these seem to be drying up very quickly now, every time I go to use them I’m finding I’m having to give them a heavy sharpen to get to soft, usable product. As a result it’s putting me off using them as regularly as I’d like as I can’t be bothered to deal with finding a sharpener!

Fleur De Force Written in the Stars Gloss
Goal: Finish
Start Weight : 12.38g
| March Weigh In: Currently missing

I have used this a good few times since January, but I feel like it gets lost in a bag and then I don’t see it for a few weeks. I’m not going to beat myself up too much as I managed to finish another gloss during this time. However, when it came to the weigh in, and me trying to find it to use over the past few weeks, I’m not sure where it’s gone – I can’t remember having it in a while!

Jeffree Lip Scrub
Goal: Finish
Start Weight: 43.43g | March Weigh In: 40.34g

I’ve used this at least once a week since the start of the year and the progress of this just feels so slow! I can not see progress in this at all, but I can rest easy knowing I am using it and I hope that it will be gone sometime over the next few months!

Matrix Keep Me Vivid [Gifted]
Start Weight: 93.59g
Goal: Finish | March Weigh In: 86.45g

This has been a product I can’t really tell what it’s doing, bright hair, natural hair it doesn’t seem to help with the vividness of the hair. I use it maybe once a week as an “I want to see this gone” token gesture but because I have literally no idea what it does. I will continue to use this sporadically and hope to see this gone by the end of the year, I think I need to move where I keep this to remember to use it more often.


RMCA No Colour Powder
Goal: Finish
Start Weight : 31.02g | March Weigh In: Finished

THE JOY THIS BOUGHT ME TO FINISH! This has been the only powder I’d used since January 2021 and it was a slog to finish, I’m oily and use a fair bit of powder and I can’t believe this took so long to finish. I enjoyed the product, but the packaging lets it down for me, for a makeup artist I understand the appeal but I was having to keep a separate powder pot to decant into bit by bit as it’s just not practical. Unless they changed the packaging I wouldn’t rebuy it.

Essence Cover Stick
Goal: Finish
Start Weight: 12.58g | March Weigh In: Finished

This was very easy to finish there was very little left in here and I used this up in place of using a foundation. It’s a little cakey, pan stick formula and found it more to be like a cream foundation. Glad to see this one gone as it was disturbingly old!

Michael Kors Very Hollywood (10oml)
Start Weight: 286.43g (No Cap)
Goal: Finish | March Weigh In: Finished

I was really happy to see that this was done! This was my favourite perfume around 5 years and I had a 30ml,50ml and 100ml on the go at once! Tihs has been discontinued for a few years and I have a new 50ml boxed in my drawer ready to be unboxed. I hadn’t properly used this for a few years and had moved to more Gourmand based scents and away from florals for my daily preference, but I did really enjoy using this up.

Easilocks Rose Gold Oil
Start Weight: 50.80g
Goal: Finish | March Weigh In: Finished

This has been a fairly easy one to finish as it works well in wet hair but also good for styling, it took me right until the end of March to finish this but I used this pretty much every time I washed my hair and used it most times when styling. It’s a good product and one I might consider buying again in future as I really like the pump on this.

Cycling In

Ciate Glow To Illuminating Blush in Baby Doll
Start Weight: 30.88g (April 1st)
Goal: Finish

This is the blush I’ve found myself constantly gravitating to the past six-eight weeks or so, it has a lovely slight glow to it and has a perfect flushed pink tone which really suits my skin at the moment. I wish I knew what the weight of this was in January as I’ve used it a lot, but as a baked formula, it’s felt like progress has been slow to see. I hope I can finish this by the end of the year, the pan is pretty small and I feel like because it has a dipped shape to the product it will hit the pan at some point and then be fairly quick to finish.

The Body Shop Rose Libertine Perfume
Start Weight: 181.39g (April 1st)
Goal: Finish

This is a perfume I’ve had in my collection for years and years, it’s also one I have a backup of and since it’s been long discontinued, I have been a little reluctant to finish it up. This is a very soft floral that is perfect for spring and when I look at my collection, this is definitely a perfume that I feel like I will miss the least when it’s gone, so it makes sense to try and finish this one up next!

Shein Complexion Pro Breathable Matte Foundation
Start Weight: 132.52g (March)
Goal: Use 10g

Whilst the Jouer foundation takes a little bit of a back seat until summer, I decided to pluck out another foundation in my collection I’d like to see gone. I bought a few makeup bits from Shein as part of a beauty order a while ago and this foundation is actually really good but I just don’t reach for it over my Smashbox one. I think it may be too light for me come summer so I’m going to try and make some progress on it through Spring.

Max Factor Honey Lacquer [Gifted]
Start Weight: 24.84g (March)
Goal: Finish

I was gifted this just before going cruelty-free and this is such a nice formula, this is a great colour by itself adding a soft sheer colour, but also layers nicely. I really enjoy this formula it’s very light and feels like it sits somewhere between a gloss and an oil.

J One Jelly Pack Primer
Start Weight: 127.06g (March)
Goal: Finish

I purchased this after hearing a lot of hype around it and hated how it felt on the skin – super sticky and like a glue layer before foundation. However, I’ve used this a few times recently in deciding what primer to add into my collection and I quite like it! Given my Glossier Primer is almost at finishing point, I wanted to select the next one to get finished up. I don’t have a huge pile of primers in my drawer and I’ve also finished up a lot of deluxe sizes and minis already this year. Ultimately I’d like to see it gone – but I have no concept of how full or empty this is or whether I will continue to like it!

Beauty Bakerie Flour Powder
Start Weight: 56.26g (April 1st)
Goal: Finish

I picked this up at the end of December Sales as I knew I would be travelling a few times and didn’t want to cart my giant RCMA powder around with me, and I also knew it would be something that was close to being finished. I’ve had this powder in the past and enjoyed it, but I’m really hoping to finally try the Laura Mercier powder which I’ve held back on for years as I’ve wanted to clear my collection first.

Paradoxx Hangover Hair Elixir
Start Weight: 45.85g (March)
Goal: Finish

This is quite a small hair oil product that should on the surface be one that is “easy” to finish, but from memory, I really dislike this product the few times I’ve tried it, so maybe a harder slog than I can think of. When I was deciding what to put in next as a hair product to replace the one finished, I was a little surprised at the lack of hair oils and don’t have many left!

We’ll wrap this one up quickly as these are always long posts, let me know if you have tried any of these and if you are doing a project pan let me know how your progress has been too!


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