The Beauty Drop – Liberty Beauty Box April 2022

The Beauty Drop – Liberty Beauty Box April 2022

I saw teasings of the Beauty Drop a little while ago and jumped at the waitlist to join it as the concept sounded incredibly interesting. Liberty, for those out of the country, is a luxury department store in London, famed for their patterned fabrics, luxe beauty and fashion halls and quirky Tudor building, nestled at the bottom of Carnaby Street, the shop is an experience to be in, and I knew the subscription box would be a little out of the ordinary.

The Beauty Drop from Liberty is a concept is very different to the norm, it’s priced at £20 a month, however, whilst you are billed monthly a box will only arrive every three. The box is mainly smaller sample-based, but the huge plus of this box is that £20 rolls over into a voucher which you can spend in-store or online, and you can redeem it against any beauty items online. So two months in, I have £40 of credit waiting to be spent, and as someone who is eyeing a couple of Byredo perfumes, I think I’ll use my credit to get a little discount on month three against one of them to half the price of one of them. Alternatively, I may save it up all year and use it as a discount against the super boujee Advent Calendar!

Inside the Liberty Box featuring a stunning floral print for spring
A peak inside the beautiful box featuring one of Liberty’s iconic prints.

I actually think the concept is super smart – from a brand perspective, you’re providing samples to potential buyers who wouldn’t have tried your products otherwise and have money to spend too.

I was expecting decent-sized samples, and I got 7 items which were more than I was expecting and bigger sizes than I was expecting too. Let’s jump into the contents of the box…

Verden Shower Gel D'Orangerie - The Beauty Drop Liberty Beauty Box - April 2022
Verden D’Orangerie Body Wash

Verden D’Orangerie Hand and Body Wash
55ml Sample (Full size 500ml @ £35.00)
I could smell this inside as I started to open the box, and screwing off the lid this smells delightful. A thick orange scent layered with other botanical oils, it has a very fresh scent and smells luxurious and I imagine it’s the kind of scent that will linger on the skin. As I’m writing this it’s a pre-Easter weekend and I’m going on a short trip with my family and partner, so I may take this with me for the trip.

Hair Oil - The Beauty Drop Liberty Beauty Box - April 2022
Manketti Hair Oil From Charlotte Mensah

Charlotte Mensah Manketti Hair Oil
15ml Sample (Full size 100ml @ £48.00)
Charlotte Mensah is a London Based hairstylist with her own small range of products. Manketti oil is traditionally geared towards more Afro and Curly hair types, but as someones whose hair needs hydration I will happily be testing it on my own locks. This smells absolutely DIVINE, I can’t pinpoint what it reminds me of, but it’s like a perfume for your hair. Really looking forward to trying this!

Frank Coffee Scrub - The Beauty Drop Liberty Beauty Box - April 2022
Frank Coffee Body Scrub

Frank Body Coffee Scrub
200g Full Size (Worth £12.95)
This is a product which isn’t new to me but I’m so happy to see! I really love coffee scrubs and the frank one is one of the best. They’re not always the easiest to find on my doorstep, so I don’t find myself having them to often, but I always enjoy them when I do. Soft coffee ground scrub buffs your skin without any scratchy feeling.

L:A Bruket Body Lotion - The Beauty Drop Liberty Beauty Box - April 2022
Sage, Rosemary & Lavender Body Lotion from L:A Bruket

L:A Bruket Sage Rosemary and Lavender Body Lotion
55ml (240ml for £32.00)
This is one I’ll sadly have to pass on thanks to being badly allergic to lavender. I had a little sniff and it is a very nice herbal scent and the formula looks really nice – not too thick and heavy looking. I really like this comes in a pump top as it makes it very easy for on the go.

SIsley Express Flower Gel Face Mask - The Beauty Drop Liberty Beauty Box - April 2022
Sisley Paris Express Flower Gel Mask

Sisley Paris Express Flower Gel Mask
10ml (60ml is £105)
With a cupboard full of face masks that are all too big to travel with, this is a welcome addition for a trip away! Sisley is a super-premium and luxe brand and at £105 for a tube six times the size, I’ll be savoring every use of this. Described as a mask for rapid hydration left on for just 3 minutes, containing rose, iris, and lily to soften and plump the complexion. It sounds too good to be true, so I may bring back my face mask Friday series back for a special edition on this!

Basilico & Fellini Perfume  - The Beauty Drop Liberty Beauty Box - April 2022
Basilico & Fellini Fragrance

Vilheim Parfumerie Basilico & Fellini Perfume
2ml (50ml is £120)
This is a liberty exclusive perfume with an interesting mix of notes including Dragon Fruit, Basil, Violet, Fig, Vetiver and Green Hay. I allowed myself one spray from this little decadent bottle, it transports me back to italy with Basil being the prominent note for me. Not my usual type of fragrance at all, but one that intrigues me to use and try.

OTO CBD Oil - The Beauty Drop Liberty Beauty Box - April 2022
OTO Sleep Drops

OTO CBD Sleep Drops
15ml Full Size £69
“The Sleep Remedy to try when nothing else works”, is something I may need as I’ve had a few sleepless nights recently where I’m struggling to drift off and fighting panic attacks happening. I know very little about CBD, and have never thought or looked into trying it, so I won’t pretend to be an expert on it. I did read that this also contains lavender… I know Lavender makes me sneeze and I know it causes my skin a rash – so I’m not sure if I can ingest it!

The thing I really like about The Beauty Drop box from Liberty is that the samples are generous and with two full sizes included which was completely unexpected. None of these are one-hit-use sachets and will be things that are very handy to keep aside for trips away to pack light.

Should you be looking to make a purchase from Liberty, you can get £10 off a £100 spend using my refer a friend link here. The Beauty Drop is back currently on waitlist, but you can find it here to sign up.


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  1. Kyriacou Crabtree
    June 29, 2022 / 11:14 am

    Hi Rachel, I loved your blog. I have also just started subscribing to The Beauty Drop and I received my first one in April 2022, I think it is definitely worth it. I was wondering when we will be receiving our next one, as I am hoping it will be in July as that is also my birthday month. I look forward to seeing your blog on the next box. Thank you.

    • rachael
      July 3, 2022 / 10:27 pm

      Thank you for reading! I think it will also be July – it’s every 3 months isn’t it, so it should add up that it will be July! Intrigued to see what’s in the next one!

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