Perfume Collection Part 2

Carrying of from part one of my perfume collection, where I looked at my Luxury brands, Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs Perfumes, check that post out here if you would like to!

Vivienne Westwood Perfume Collection


Let it Rock – I picked this up super cheap from somewhere after seeing it reviewed by Fleur De Force years ago. Whilst online it’s listed with a lot of floral and fruity mid notes, all I notice in this is the musk which makes up the base. I do like this perfume, but again it’s not something that I reach for often.

Naughty Alice – My second favourite, this is a really unusual fragrance, I can tell this is my Dad’s favourite perfume on me as he always comments that ‘someone smells nice’ when I wear it! With notes of black rose, violet, ylang-ylang and musk I wouldn’t say this is a truly deep musky fragrance but is an easy way to edge yourself in to those kind of fragrances if you’re not sure. This is one of the only perfumes which I have actually gone through a bottle of and repurchased. With this you also get a little VW bracelet (I personally wouldn’t wear it) which wraps around the top.

Cheeky Alice – I picked this up as I was such a fan of Naughty Alice, it’s funny because I think of this as a lighter fragrance than Naughty Alice,pulent floral heart of peony and rose, placed on the woody and musky base,but it’s described as being the older sister to it. I don’t reach for this very often. and it will tend

There’s Sunny Alice and Flirty Alice in the Vivienne Westwood line which I’m tempted to pick up to compare – but I must downsize before I do that!

Juicy Couture Perfume Collection


Viva La Juicy – This used to be my favourite perfume, With notes of wild berries and juicy mandarin, honeysuckle, gardenia and jasmine, with warm base notes of amber, caramel, vanilla, sandalwood and praline. I do still like this but don’t reach for it as much. It’s not particularly long lasting, and this came in a set with a rolleball/lipgloss duo.

Love, Peace and Juicy Couture – I bought this as I’ve had several Juicy Couture perfumes other than Viva la Juicy and I was just trying out another. I must admit that this is my least favourite of them all, it’s very light and fresh and reminds me more of a candle sea breeze type scent than a perfume.

 The Uncategorisable Perfumes


Matthew Williamson – I picked this up because I heard it being raved about by someone on Youtube and it was being discontinued – I don’t really like this perfume, it’s always smelt not nicely balanced to me. It has lots of floral notes, but looking at the base notes it’s filled with cinnamon. I think this might be time to bin this as I haven’t used for a more than a year, and I’m pretty sure it never used to be tinted yellow…

Illamasqua Freak – The most recent addition to my collection, I liked this when I received in a Glossybox as a sample so when I saw this in the Boots sale in January for £12 down from £30 something I decided to pick it up. It’s not as nice as I remember the sample to be! Described as an “unusual and unconventional blend of exotic and dangerous flowers, which celebrates the night and darkness” – I think that’s fitting, I don’t really recognise the scent of this. Initially I don’t like it at all when I first spray it, but after 15 minutes or so it does settle down and smell more ‘normal’

If I ran out of all of these, the only 2 that I would rush to repurchase would be Naughty Alice and Very Hollywood, followed by Black Orchid when I wanted to splash the cash!

Let me know if you think of any perfumes you think I should check out!


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