October Empties Part 3: Body Care, Fragrance & Everything Else

The last in this months massive empties, part 3 sees perfumes, body sprays and shower body care to everyday basics such as Toothpaste and Deodorant!


Victoria’s Secret Total Attraction Body Mist

I’ve got one more Victoria’s Secret body spray in my collection before I’ve ran out of my stash – there’s a little left in here but the pump seems to have stopped working so I’ll just chuck that last little bit away! I love these for layering with other perfumes or when I’m just around the house and don’t want to ‘waste’ a normal perfume! This one is cherry orchid and lily blossom scented sweet without being too sweet, but layered well with almost everything I tried it with too!

Repurchase? Yes

Chanel Chance

I’m really glad that I’ve managed to use this up! I’ve been working on this for the best part of 6 months. Chanel Chance is a fragrance which I absolutely loved in my teens but it’s one which I’ve grown out of now – It’s funny as ones I loved in my teen years would be more suited to me now, and ones I love now are more sweet and girly! It will probably be a scent which I go back to in future, but for now I’m happy to have used up another from my collection as I’m trying to desize.

Repurchase? Maybe in future – but not at the moment

English Laundry No 7

A little birchbox sample – I’ve really liked everything that I’ve sampled through the English Laundry line, but I don’t think they’re particularly good value for money. No 7 was a sweet floral scent which had a bit of a powdery type quality too, nice enough but not the type of thing I would buy.

Repurchase? No


Mitchum Ultimate Deodorant

I started hearing lots of Youtubers talking about this deodorant, and decided to give it a whirl. I’m so pleased that I did as I love it! It’s not an aerosol so I’m happy that I’m less responsible for causing damage to the environment. It has a very light cotton type scent that’s not offensive but it’s very fresh. Creamy so it’s very moisturising and actually I’ve found that it’s helping reduce any ingrowing hairs, and it does the job better than any other deodorant I’ve used. I’d normally use a canned deodorant in 2-3 weeks, but this lasted me just over 2 months, so whilst at £5 its more expensive than spray, it lasts and the effects are totally worth it.

Repurchase? No

Regenerate Advanced Toothpaste

Probably one of the most odd products I’ve received in a Birchbox, I hated the taste of this toothpaste, it was minty but it had a hint of something else I just didn’t find pleasant – but changing from your normal toothpaste can always be a bit risky!

Repurchase? Nope!

Lancome Genifique Moisturiser

A lovely little moisturiser that I’d been using in the morning pre makeup application, it was light and not greasy which are the two things which are most key for me. It was hard to tell in the short time that this sample lasted if it was any better than any other moisturiser.

Repurchase? No, I have a drawer overflowing with facial moisturiser.

L’Occitane Pivione Flora Hand Cream

A lovely little floral hand cream that got used up super quickly as yet again it was one that  everyone at work asked to use it as soon as it wafted around our area. Like all L’Occitaine hand creams it worked really well – consistency was light and easy to work into the skin.

Repurchase? I currently have a stash of 8 hand creams, so not immediately – but maybe in future as I do like the L’Occitane ones, especially for handbags.


The Body Shop Papaya Shower Gel

I was always dubious about the Body Shop Shower Gels,  but started buying them as when I bought my primer the more I bought the cheaper my primers become – but actually have fallen in love with them. Nicely scented and I’d say a bottle lasts me 2-3 months this one hasn’t been my favourite scent, but it was still nice to use.

Repurchase? Not this scent, but I’m already on my next bottle of Body Shop Shower Gel!

Rituals Yogi Flow Foaming Body Wash

Received in my September Birchbox, I was happy to have got this as it’s a product I receive 2 years ago in another beauty box and loved. The only thing with this is price, and they’re not a product where I find a little goes a long way. Within a week a half sized sample of this was empty – and given a normal price tag of around £9 – it’s a product for a nice treat every now and again – but I find it all too tempting to use all the time

Repurchase? No

Nivea In Shower Honey Moisturiser

A more moisturising version of Nivea’s in shower moisturiser, whilst these are smaller and more expensive these last me way longer than the blue bottle ones. I’ve tried the Cocoa butter version of this before and I prefer it over this version.

Repurchase? I’d rebuy the Cocoa butter version, but would happily buy this if I couldn’t get that one.

I’m glad those empties are finally done and we can move onto some festive fun! Have you tried any of these before?


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