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I had to refer back a good few months to find exactly when I picked these out in my Love Me Beauty Box – I’ve been wanting to review this range since I received them at the start of July, but was determined to finish up the last of my L’Oreal Mythic Oil that I was sick to death of seeing after being in my haircare drawer for almost 3 years! Finally that will now be in my monthly empties and I could move on to trying this range out fully.


Neal and Wolf is a new brand of haircare to me and love to give a new range a good try as I think you really get a feel for the brand and the quality of their products, which is why the LMB box is often so great as you can pick a load of different items each month from a brand you might have never tried. Sold online and in salons this line oozes luxury as soon as you see the beautiful details on the champagne and plum coloured packaging.


I found it really tough to describe the scent of these products, it’s not fruity, but it is. It’s not floral but it is, and it almost has this spice about it which truly makes it feel like a luxurious product – and I can’t stop giving my hair a quick sniff when I’ve first put it on. Seriously good smell, and I would quite like my whole house to smell like this.

So onto the 4 products.

1/ Neal & Wolf Velvet Nourishing Hair Oil -£14.95


First off the oil – With most oils I normally struggle to use more than one pump of this because I find I can make my hair quite greasy feeling. I can use 2 or 3 pumps of this and it doesn’t leave my hair looking like it needs rewashing when dry. Whilst it’s quite light it does make my hair feel softer and smoother and is noticeably different on days when I do forget to use this. I use this mostly when my hair is wet before blow drying but also sometimes use a bit through the ends when it’s been styled to smooth out my ends if they’re looking a little on the dry side. Again because it’s so light it doesn’t weigh my hair down or disturb any curls I’ve created.

1/ NEAL & WOLF Guard heat protection spray – £11.50


Easily the product I’ve used the most so far, it’s probably almost 2 thirds gone already. It’s really hard to tell if a heat protection spray is actually working or not but I use this on both dry hair as I’m about to straighten or curl it. Or I also use it whilst wet, my hair knots like no other – me and my sister in law (also my hairdresser) like to ponder over how it manages to knot so easily, and part of the reason I’m whizzing though this quite quickly is that it really helps detangle it when it’s wet too.



I haven’t had a shine spray in probably about a year, it’s something which I forgot to repurchase when my last one ran out. I was a little worried that because this isn’t an aerosol that it would come out a little heavy and weigh the hair down, but it doesn’t. Especially now I have a blonde ombre, and blonde hair tends to lack the same shine, I love this when I’ve curled my hair especially to add a glossy look to the ends of my hair.



This is probably my least favourite product from the bunch – but that’s not to say that I don’t like it – I just have to think about when to use it. For a flexible hairspray I find that it makes my hair slightly crispy and only tend to be able to use this when I’ve curled my hair and want to brush it out afterwards, rather than using it at the end to set everything into place. It does do really well in helping hold the curl however, I usually find that I’ve managed to crush and spoil all my curls once I’ve slept on them, but this helps them linger in subtle curly waves the following day.

Have you heard of Neal and Wolf? What are your favourite haircare brands?


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  1. September 25, 2015 / 3:03 pm

    I’m not huge into haircare, but dang these look luxe 🙂

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