My Little Gypset Box – August 2015 My Little Box Unboxing

I was very happy to receive the My Little Gypset Box on a dull and dreary ‘summer day’. Don’t we just seem to be having the worst summer over the past month or so? I also came to realise that this has been my twelfth My Little Box too. So this is my anniversary box, Me and My Little Box have been together for a whole year now, our relationship is still going strong!


Disclaimer, as I was photographing this it was going from bright and sunny to dull and dreary! So sorry that the lighting is off, I was having to overcompensate British summer with a lamp on at 5pm!

As usual the box is beautifully illustrated and designed and greets us with their trademark print and magazine, before the fashion and beauty items which feature in this months box.



Bucket Bag designed by Antik Batik


I’ve seen a lot of love for this bag on the My Little Box Facebook page, but I must say it’s not very me! I don’t love it, I don’t hate it – but I wouldn’t buy it. I’m going on holiday at the end of September and will keep it for if I want to carry around a inexpensive bag instead of my Michael Kors bags – but I can’t see me getting a lot of use out of it otherwise.



Any ill feelings about the bag are immediately cancelled out by seeing these hair ties. I love these style of hair bands and go through them like crazy (through losing them/being eaten by the dog) and I love the pastel and grey shades and geometric patterns too. I’ll be getting a lot of use out of these I can tell!

Beauty Products

Korres Santorini Vine Body Milk


I love the Korres Body Milks and have spoken about them in the past on my blog so was really happy to see this. I’ve never tried Santorini Vine in particular before and it smells gorgeous – slightly herbal, slightly citrusy but very fresh. The Korres body milks are light and easy to rub into the skin whilst still being very moisturising, they’re probably the only moisturiser (outside of the Nivea In Shower) that I actually enjoy using. As I’m writing this post I’m multitasking and looking up last minute September holidays with my Boyfriend, I’m making a big push for Santorini (and have been for years) and if I win this time this will be the perfect thing to take with me – however I will keep this back regardless for when I travel (just in case I lose)!

My Little Beauty Caresse D’Ete (Summer Caress)



Ahh another bronzer in a beauty box – having received one in my Pink Parcel this month already, initially I was a little disappointed. But not now! This is so incredibly finely milled (possibly more than any other powder product I’ve tried), that it feels soft and smooth on the skin. This has a slight shimmer to it, but just enough to give a slight sunkissed glow, I can imagine this being beautiful all over the body as well as the face and this will be another product that I’ll be taking on my hols.

So Susan Colour Hybrid Lip/Cheek Moose in Marsala


I’ll self admit that I did grumble when I saw this. I bloody hate every So Susan product that I’ve tried and the fact that they crop up in every beauty box going almost, and I thought I had escaped them in my French beauty subscription. I will bite my lip on this for now as first impressions of this are good. As with most lip/cheek multipurpose products I could only pull this off on one or the other. This time it would be lips, i’ve only swatched on my hand but the moose appears to very pigmented, easy to blend and dries matte. But I am actually excited to try this.

In a few days I will have a new post doing a round up of everything that I’ve received over the past year of my Little Box subscriptions – hopefully if you’ve been considering subscribing it will be one place where you can see everything and get a good feel for the brand and make up your mind. In the mean time should you want to see what has been in past My Little Boxes click here, and you’ll be able to see full reviews of everything from the past year.


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Helpless Whilst Drying




  1. August 20, 2015 / 6:30 am

    Hey 🙂

    (I feel your pain with the weather, it’s currently raining here, with no sun in sight)
    I wish we had these beauty subscription programs here… that’s so cool! And the box is so beautiful!

    Great products you got there. 😀
    That bronzer has got to be my favourite – it looks so good and I like matte with a bit of shimmer, too. 🙂

    Lovely post!

    Have a nice day. 🙂


  2. August 28, 2015 / 6:51 am

    This is a super cute box!! I’m with you on weather only I’m roasting in the desert at 115 degrees! It’s crazy. I just got my air conditioning bill.

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