Lottie So Gel Topcoat – Review & Swatch

I was really excited when one of my favourite nail polish brands Lottie announced they were releasing a new glossy gel topcoat to their line. Lottie Polishes have been one of my discoveries of the year and when I saw a few bloggers talking about this before it’s release – with only rave reviews, this only upped the excitement!


The Lottie So Gel bottle is gorgeous a beautiful highly reflective silver with the classic lottie design which is normally in white – now in black. Past the bottle which is beautiful and I’m very pleased with, what’s inside is not so good.

The brush is okay, I have no beef with the brush, I think it’s the same as all the others from the line. My problem comes down the the drying time, I find this takes so long to dry – after 40 minutes my nails still have a tacky residue, when it does eventually dry it does have a nice shine – but no where near as good as Seche Vite, or the Maybelline one I also love for example. This doesn’t work well over glitters at all, the ones I’ve tried seem to soak it up into their crevices and it


Overall the dry time is impossible to work with, I’ve ended up knocking my nails every time I’ve tried to do this, despite being as patient as possible. When it does dry other than the knock marks – the finish is really quite nice, but it’s not a workable polish for me. I’ve tried putting it away for a mont and have just revisited it, but sadly it’s the same results. I’ve heard that this is meant to give incredible long lasting wear too – but personally I didn’t find that it significantly improved it more than any other topcoat also does.


Left Lottie Topcoat over a Matte shade (Illumasqua Purity), Right normal finish

Overall – I’d say save your cash on this one, it’s not cheap at £7.99 and therefore rivals the price you can buy Seche Vite at online – or it’s half the price of one of my favourites from Maybelline which is half the price. I do love Lottie colours, this topcoat just disappoints.


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