July 2015 Empties Part 1

I was attempting another “no buy” month this month, which if you’ve been keeping up, you’ll know it’s not really been going to plan. I have been getting pretty spendy (I’m sure as soon as I say no buy, that means buy more in my head) – however I haven’t been buying too much of what I already have (except for nail polishes, they’re the exception to the rule!).

Never the less, I have been trying to make my way through my stash and I had a whopping 43 empties last month, so a lot of products this month I have been almost “starting afresh” with. But whilst smaller my fight to declutter has continued – and I was surprised at how many things were in my box this month as I thought I would have barely any. I also had another small stack of empty sachets ready to photograph, but the boyfriend binned them (note to self, don’t leave “rubbish” out on bin day again) – I really can’t remember what exactly they were now, so sadly theres a few here that can’t be included.

I’ve split into 2 posts so you can read in more manageable chunks!


Origins GinZing Face Mask Pod

I won’t talk about these too much but I recently purchased the little individual use pods of the Ginzing face mask pod to try out, I’m going to use another before doing a face mask friday post on this (probably next week!).

Repurchase?: 3 x More still to use and still deciding!

Clarins Concentrate Zone Repair Eye Cream

A little sample of this coveted eye cream, I’m at the age where I’m starting to use eyecream to prempt and prevent any problems, but I’m not seeing myself look 10 years younger yet (thank god – hello 15 year old me). Did the job, rubbed in nicely, didn’t feel greasy and whilst a diddy sized sample this actually lasted me the majority of the month using once or twice a day. For now I’m happy using cheaper eye creams but in a few years i’ll invest in something more expensive, maybe i’ll come back to this.

Repurchase? Not yet!

Sainsbury’s Boutique Cotton Pads

My  favourite cotton pad stash is now all out! I love, and have spoken about them too much already

Repurchase? Yes


Manuka Doctor Skin Repair Cream

This is a nice all purpose cream, so i took this with me when I headed to London at the start of the month. Good on feet after a long day, good to rehydrate the skin and also good on the face too for the evening. There are lots of products which are “good” like this but this ones quite pricey, so I won’t be repurchasing.

Repurchase? No

Green People Fruit Scrub Exfoliator

Recently reviewed, so I won’t chat too much about this, does the job, works well but I went through it in about 2 and a half weeks meaning I would be through a full size in about 3 and a half. Too pricey for what’s just a normal exfoliator at around £13.

Repurchase? No

SkinPep HydraBoost Serum

I’ve had this for ages! I’ve pretty much used every night from January, A little of this goes a long way. There were some weeks where I was particularly forgetful/lazy and didn’t do anything with my skin at all and stopped using this, I didn’t notice a difference.

Repurchase? No

Duck Island Body Lotion

I love the smell of this body lotion, but it doesn’t rub in easily – nor does it feel like it puts any moisture back into my skin

Repurchase? No


Right Guard Total Defence 5 Deodrant

A normal deodrant, did the job well. Not much else to say!

Repurchase? Not immediately, but maybe

Radox Feel Romantic Body Wash

I really liked the smell of this body wash from radox – berries and orchid is a nice combination. I’m normally the girl who will just pick up the £1 body wash at the end of the supermarket aisle, but currently have 2 rather large ones from Body Shop for the time being

Repurchase? Wouldn’t actively seek it out, but if on offer again and I needed I would.

Victoria’s Secret Love Spell Spray

There’s a teeny bit left in the bottom of here, where the spray pump doesn’t quite reach to the bottom. This smelt lovely and peachy with a hint of floral too, initially I wasn’t too keen on this when I picked it up in their 5 for £30 offer, but I’ve been using it a lot after hearing someone talk about it in a youtube video and became my everyday perfume for the past few months as it was nice for summer.

Repurchase? Yes


Neal’s Yard Garden Mint and Bergamot Hand Cream

I picked this up as a freebie with a magazine at the start of June and it quickly became used up as I kept it in my handbag, every time I pulled it out my bag to use at work I would have a swarm of people around me asking to use it to. This smelt yummy, I wish I had picked up another of the magazines to get another one (but kept it at home solely for my pleasure).

Repurchase? Currently have 2 others on the go, but I would do if I was near a Neals Yard and needed another.

Yes To Blueberries Facial Towels

Wasn’t keen on these, they dried out pretty quickly and didn’t do a great job of removing makeup either! Stick to the cucumber versions if you want to try the wipes from the Yes to line.

Repurchase? No

How much have you used up this month?


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  1. July 31, 2015 / 5:34 pm

    Great job on all these empties. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing the review on the Origins GinZing Face Mask!

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