Huda Topaz Obsessions Palette – Swatch, Looks & Review

Huda Topaz Obsessions Palette – Swatch, Looks & Review

I was really eager to try out my Huda Topaz Obsessions eyeshadow palette when I got it in Autumn, as a couple of years ago my friends Molly, Lora and Sophie purchased me a Huda Obsessions palette for my birthday – knowing it had been a formula that I had wanted to try for a while. They got me the Mauve palette which I reviewed here, but to cut a long story short, I didn’t like it. I found it difficult to work with and blend, and I really struggled to understand how most people love the Huda formula so much! In October Cult Beauty launched a one off beauty box which contained some of their starter kit essentials from their store, and inside was the Huda Topaz Obsessions palette. It was a perfect time to try the formula again and see if it was a dud colourway or maybe just a dodgy palette, without having to buy another by itself!

The Packaging of the Obsessions palettes are small and lightweight, they are made of cardboard and contain a small mirror on the inside there’s also a protective plastic sleeve if you want to make sure that the packaging remains perfect. For those who like doing their makeup on the go, it’s a perfect little palette as it’s really lightweight and contains a mix of mattes and shimmers. It’s also a great palette if you’re someone who likes to make sure that they pack light when they go away, as they really do slip into even the smallest makeup bag with ease. As a sidenote some of her newer 9 pan palettes do come in plastic packaging rather than cardboard – I know some people prefer cardboard for sustainability.

The Obsessions range is quite broad now they have some more colourful neutrals such as the red toned Mauve (IMHO, it’s not mauve!), but the Huda Topaz Obsessions is their more warm toned neutral, edging on the side of orange – but definitely not an orange palette like the Colourpop Orange You Glad. The palette has 5 matte shades and 4 metallics inside, online I’ve seen the metallics described as duotones but apart from one which has a very slight duotoned effect in the pan, I don’t agree that they are shifty enough to be considered as duotones.


Row 1

Shade 1 : Matte Orangey yellow, pigmentation is a little dodgy when swatched, but applies fine with a brush. Nice throgh the crease for a more golden orange eye.

Shade 2 : Orangey metallic, great pigmentation. needs a flat brush to apply as pigmented to the eye.

Shade 3 : Medium orange matte shade, okay pigmentation, but can look a little patchy on the eye.

Row 2

Shade 4 : Metallic Shade that is somewhere between a soft gold and a dark champagne. Good pigmentation a good one for every day, if you use a fluffier brush the metallic shift is a bit softer but applied with a finger or flat brush gets the brightest metallic finish.

Shade 5 : Soft matte cream shade, great in the crease, a much welcome addition in the Huda Topaz obsessions palette.

Shade 6 : Warm chocolate metallic. Very rich and warm on the eye. Applies best with a flat brush.

Row 3

Shade 7 : Warm rich terracotta brown. Great in the outer corner.

Shade 8 : Mid terracotta, quite similar to shade 3, I personally think only one or the other is needed, this has a little less colour but on the eye they look quite similar.

Shade 9 : This is quite similar to shade 4, it’s a medium warm gold with a hint of bronze. Good pigmentation.

The mattes in this palette don’t finger swatch fantastically and I’ve gone over most of the swatches twice for these photos – the pigmentation isn’t the strongest but appearances are deceiving as they blend out nicely on the eyes. The pigmentation isn’t the most intense, but it’s buildable, smooth and a nice formula for every day which makes a welcome change to the more patchiness I found with the mauve palette.

The metallics do swatch well but when applied with a brush they aren’t the most pigmented shades, I find I do need to layer these up to get a more noticeable metallic finish, otherwise they lean towards more of a softer metallic sheen. Alternatively they do work wet and give a more foil finish, or if applied with a finger it’s easier to get the more metallic finish. Online swatches of this palette make it look like the metallics have a lot of variety, but in person I do think they’re more noticeably similar and less rich in tone. They are undoubtedly pretty, but personally I just wish that they did end up looking a bit more different on the eye. Shades 4 & 9 in particular look very similar in person. The metallics are shown below.

Eye Looks

Look 1

Shades Used : 5, 4 & 7
Method : I blended 5 though the crease and then placed 4 all over the lid stopping at the outer corner. I then placed the 7 below the lashes applying quite heavily, anything that was left on the brush I then took through the outer corner, but I kept it quite soft. You could definitely add more to create a more smokey look.

Look 2

This was a quick play on a Sunday afternoon so there was no base makeup!

Shades Used : 7, 6 & 9
Method : I used shade 7 through the crease dragging it quite low and onto the lid. I then used shade 6 all over the lid space to create a darker chocolate lid. I then took shade 9 on a pencil brush and just placed in the centre of the lid to lift the colour a little bit. You can see in this look that shade 7 had a bit of an issue blending in the outer corner, I don’t normally find that an issue – maybe just a one off!

Look 3

Another Sunday play session – no base makeup! I couldn’t be bothered to do clean up on the inner corner so sorry for the stray pigment!

Shades : 5, 3, 8 & 2
Method : I used shade 3 through the crease to add a warmer orangey glow, I then went in with shade 8 to attempt to tone it down a little in the outer corner, but the colours are so similar it didn’t make too much difference. I then placed shade 2 all over the lid and blended that into the outer crease. I used shade 3 under the bottom lashes but it looked super patchy. I used a little bit of 5 at the end just to soften out the crease a little more.

Overall, I do enjoy the Huda Topaz Obsessions palette a lot more than the Mauve one, it’s a lot easier to blend out and work with and is a great warm tone neutral palette for travel. However it does really remind me of the Colourpop California Love palette that was one of my favourite palettes of last year, it has 16 shades instead of 12 and it’s a fairly light and small palette for travelling with, I also feel like the metallics have a bit more variety in and I can create a few more looks with it. If you’re looking for a really small palette for travelling, then the Huda might suit, but for me the Colourpop palette is better, has more variety in shades, is still small and lightweight for travel and best of all – it’s cheaper.

Have you tried the Huda Palettes before? What do you think of them – dud or good?


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  1. January 16, 2020 / 6:49 am

    What a gorgeous little palette! Something like this would be great to take on a weekend away 🙂 as always the eye looks you created are stunning x

    • rachael
      January 16, 2020 / 11:10 am

      I think I will mainly end up using it on weekends away going forward – there’s some warm tone nudes in large palettes I’d love to pan this year, so I’ll probably save those for when I’m at home and use this when I travel!

  2. January 17, 2020 / 11:32 am

    The colors are so rich and beautiful packaging!!

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