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Back in August I announced that I had become an Ambassador for skin & body care brand Magnitone. Whilst I already knew I’d loved the products I’d tried in the past I decided that I was going to try the items out properly that I’d recently received, so a month and a bit on, here’s what I’ve thought!

Barefaced Cleansing Brush

The core of Magntione’s Cleansing brush revolves around their Cleansing Brushes. They’re less expensive than other options on the market, whilst still retaining the flexibility of different heads and modes. These hold their charge forever, I’ve still not had to charge this one since it came out of the box, which means it’s great for taking with you for nights or weeks away – you’re not going to be having to lug another charger with you.

Inside the box – you’re greeted with instructions, and a card with your warranty – the ‘standard’ head, head protector and the charger. The Brush is completely waterproof and mine lives in my shower most of the time at home, the device charges with a magnet on the base of the product.

The brush has too functions, controlled by the button in the middle, one is a standing cleansing mode and the other is a massage mode, personally I prefer the standard mode. The brush moves back and forth, which beeps in intervals which is handy to let help you cleanse your face thoroughly and evenly. The brush lights up when switched on to indicate which setting it’s on – but the sensation is different and it’s not hard to tell on the face, or even looking at the head movement which is which.

Personally out of the brushes that I’ve tried in the past the Silk head is my favourite as it’s the softest, I always found the brush which comes with the kit a little bit harsh for frequent use – although once or twice a week I can just get away with it, however those with dry skins might like it as a standard brush to get started with.

If you saw my post on Friday titled ‘Seriously am I allergic to my husband?‘ then you would have seen that I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin since it was reintroduced as a regular into my routine. I was getting breakouts everywhere, all the time not just related to my cycle and I blamed the steady decline of my skin since around Christmas (which has come to a peak post wedding), around the time my old device disappeared. It only took weeks for me to notice the difference in my skin and was clear that my skin was nothing but thankful to see it back.

The Magnitone Barefaced is available for £70.00 which includes the standard brush head and can be  found on the Magnitude website here. The Barefaced is available in Pink, Teal and Yellow (I love the yellow!). The Magnitone is also available in two new shimmer shades, a rose gold and a blue which come everything included with the original and one of the skin stimulation heads and a £89.99 – which is a steal if you were thinking about investing in an additional head – which can be found here, it’s the same device as what I have, in a fancier colour with the extra heads but has the same functions as the one I’ve reviewed.

Pore Perfection Heads – £20.00 (Per Pack of 2)

Magnitone have a range of different replacement heads, I was sent a pack of their Pore Perfection heads which are for oily and Breakout prone skin. I’ve found these slightly softer than the original heads, and one thing I really like about the heads is they all feature a different design, so if you have multiple heads and like to switch between for different skin concerns, you know which is which by design.

These ones describe themselves as being blemish control and anti breakout, and I must say so far so good on that front. I went straight to using this brush over the other as I found the other a little harsh so I can’t really say that this is definitely better than that over than the other, but I’m really pleased so far with how they’ve felt on the skin and the effects it’s been having!

Wipeout Makeup Remover Cloths – £15.00

A lot of you know from me reviewing a few of these clothes since Christmas that I like them for specific reasons, and having more is only welcome to my collection. The Wipeout cloths come in a pack of two and priced at £15, which is about on par with buying a cloth like this singularly if you divide the price in two.

For those who aren’t aware these cloths remove makeup without any product and they really do. I don’t use these every day, but I do use them on days when my makeup is particularly heavy or still quite fresh on to help dislodge without having to use more product to remove. Whilst I’ve never tested this theory, I think they’d work great for people with sensitive skin maybe going through a tough patch where everything is an agrovator.

Where they stand out is on softness, the length of the microfibre is short, and therefore the cloth feels plush and velvety. These claim to be re-usable up to 1000 times, they wash really well and I have no doubts that they won’t keep doing so. In terms of performance, these aren’t any different to any other cloths that I’ve tried. They’re not the biggest in my collection, but they’re not the smallest either, I can get 2-4 uses out of each cloth depending on how much makeup I’ve worn when I try to remove.

Heather Marten Wash Bag – £20.00

I must admit when I saw pictures of this before my box arrived I thought, oh that’s nice but I bet it’s not worth the cash. When it arrived I was struck by just how nice the quality of this bag was. I used it for the first time the other weekend when we went away, and used it to pack my Magnitone, and all my other skincare and haircare. It’s a good size as you can see from the picture below, there’s plenty of room beyond fitting in my Magnitone.

The texture of the outside is like a coated canvas with a cute abstract brush-head design, with a good quality zip, and leatherette details. The inside is lined with a plastic which is nice as it’s easy to wipe out if needed, and the bag is waterproof from both the inside and out. Whilst I have enough Makeup Bags in my collection I didn’t have any this size that was good for packing skincare and hair-care so it’s a very welcome travel companion.

Have you invested into beauty gadgets, or tried Magnitone before? Let me know in the comments!

Products in this post were received for free as part of my Ambassadorship with Magnitone. Thoughts as always are my own. Post does contain affiliate links.


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  1. Aimee
    September 25, 2017 / 10:16 am

    Never tried Magnitone before but i’m loving the pink!

  2. Sophie in Wonderland xo
    September 25, 2017 / 3:17 pm

    You got some lovely things here! The makeup remover cloths look good and are quite reasonably priced! I love my cleansing brush! Xxx

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