Secret Scent Box – August 2019

Secret Scent Box – August 2019

[Gifted] I’m coming at this one a little late after my August hiatus, but I still wanted to catch you up on the August edition of the Secret Scent box which I was kindly gifted. As we’re coming at this a few weeks after it’s initial arrival – I’ve had chance to try and test the fragrances a little more than what I usually would do, so I’ve already got my thoughts and favourites collected.

For those who have not yet discovered Secret Scent Box, here’s a brief run down. They offer two monthly subscriptions one geared towards women and one towards men – for those who love trialling new perfumes and fragrances. The boxes feature three vials of perfume designed to last you through several wears to work out whether it’s a fragrance for you. I’ve discovered some favourite perfumes that I would have never tried if if wasn’t through this box, and they feature a mix of new releases through to old classics that you might never have gotten around to trying.

Secret Scent Box -  August 2019

The package is slimline and slips thought your letterbox easily, if you were gifting this all comes nicely packaging with descriptions and notes on each fragrance. The box features fragrances from a range of price points, although they don’t tend to have fragrances that would retail at more than £80+, so the boujiest of brands will not be found here. Personally this is something I like, as I am highly unlikely to spend that much on a fragrance, and I like knowing that everything I receive within the box is at my price point.

Secret Scent Box - Stella McCartney Stella

Stella McCartney Stella

This is such a classic fragrance by now and I know that this is a lot of people’s staple scents. Whilst I am sure that I have definitely given it a whiff in the past, it’s never one that I’ve tried – sometimes it’s easy to overlook classics that always seem to be around rather than the newest ones! This is a lovely fragrance which main note is rose, mandarin is top note which immediately starts coming through and smells really fresh, whilst thoruhg the day it gets warmer and more subdued as the amber base note changes the tone. I like this and how it develops though the day – it has a decent wear time, and it’s one I know I would wear a lot if it was in my collection. Note to self, maybe keep this one on the Christmas sales shopping list.

Secret Scent Box - Tommy Girl Sunkissed

Tommy Hilfiger – Tommy Girl Sunkissed

This is a new perfume for 2019, and I do have to say the full size bottle of this looks really cute, it has a pink and white candy striped top! This one has a few more notes going on described as being a summer adventure in a bottle – I can definitely see where they were going with that description. The official base notes are birchwood, rum and peach cobbler – I definitely notice the peachy note coming through as the top notes settle. The top notes are cranberry, Pixie (?) Tangerine (answers on a postcard please) and red apple. The most noticeable notes for me at first spritz are the mid notes, Magnolia, gardenia and blue violet. Whilst there warm and fruity notes, this perfume definitely sits mostly on the floral side for me and I have to say, I bloody love it. It’s really inexpensive at only £20-25 for a full size 100ml bottle.

Secret Scent Box - Always Red Femme Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden Always Red Femme

Last up is this fragrance, it’s another one that’s great on the budget as it’s even more inexpensive than the last, but it is my least favourite from the three as it just doesn’t seem to last. It’s top notes are fizzy-like darker fruits and berries such as raspberry, blackberry and pear which intially seem really strong but it mellows very quickly and the notes of peach blossom, jasmine and davana and patchouli instantly become the predominate notes. It’s only an hour or two before I can’t smell this on myself any more which is not a good sign for me on a brand new fragrance as my nose hasn’t had chance to get accustomed to it. Whilst the fragrance itself isn’t bad, it’s the longevity that lets it down for me.

I think this was a good secret scent box and one that most people would find the majority of the fragrances wearable and appealing. The thing that has let it down slightly for me this month is value as they are all fairly inexpensive perfumes and whilst I like to trial perfumes in this way before I buy, I’m not sure if I tried to add up the cost per ml, that I would be feeling like I would have got good value out of the box. However that’s the first time in 6/7 boxes I have felt like that, so hopefully that’s just a little blip!

If you’re interested in seeing last month’s edition you can click here to have a look at past Secret Scent box reviews here.

Items in this post were gifted in return for review consideration. Thoughts are my own and reflective on my experience with the products and brand.


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