Beauty Pie Love Fragrance Review

Beauty Pie Love Perfume Review

A little while ago, I reviewed my first fragrance from Beauty Pie with their Brazilian Lime, Fig Leaves & Tea fragrance, and within that review I mentioned that I was keen on trying another from the brand and had my eye on their Love fragrance. The notes within this sounded up my street and had it of been available when I purchased my first perfume from the line, I’d likely have skipped over that and chosen this.

I’m not sure why Beauty Pie seemed to take a pivot with this fragrance, their first three launches were focused around the main notes in the fragrance – such as Brazilian Lime, Fig Leaves & Tea – but with this one, they changed the box to red and changed the name to Love. Quite possibly the most generic name that could be chosen for any perfume, and seems a little odd for their usual no-frills approach to beauty and naming shades.

I have talked about the concept of Beauty Pie a lot on this blog and I’m sure most are aware of the concept by now, but just in case you haven’t heard of the concept. You pay a monthly fee which gives you limit of spends on the site – the idea is that you shop their makeup, fragrances and skincare without the usual retail cost attached and instead they make the money off the subscription costs. Each product is labelled with what they deem to be the retail price of a similar brand – in this case, the fragrance is £125 for a 100ml bottle, but you pay £18.26 instead. There’s more about how the concept works explained here in my Beauty Pie – What’s It All About? post, it’s a little strange and unusual to get your head around at first, but I tend to let my subscription build-up for a few months and then will do larger orders at once, or let friends use my account when they fancy buying something but don’t want to subscribe!

Beauty Pie Love Packaging

Beauty Pie Love - Outer box and Note Listing

The bottle itself is identical to the other fragrance, with a heavy, luxe and premium feel with a weighty glass bottle and a magnetic top which clicks itself into place. Just as I mentioned in my first review, the branding of this feels familiar to brands such as Jo Malone. Simple, matchy-matchy classy packaging, that leans slightly on the boring side compared to most things on the high street that have to compete for attention on shelves with odd shaped bottles in bright colours.

Just like the first fragrance I reviewed, Beauty Pie Love is proudly labelled as being made in France with Frank Voelkl being the nose behind the notes and blend. Beauty Pie describes this fragrance as feminine, easy and modern. The notes in this fragrance are a mix of fresh fruit top notes, deeper florals in the heart notes, and warm woods, ambers and musk at the base. On the first spray when it’s settling into the skin, the fragrance almost has quite a fizzy quality with the rhubarb and bergamot being particularly noticeable, but I find these fade quite quickly and the fragrance softens into a subtle but dark floral with those warmer notes.

Beauty Pie Love bottle close up shot

Whilst I don’t dislike this perfume there were notes in here I thought would be more pungent, there is tart, fresh notes in here such as rhubarb and quince that lack the punch I was expecting. I like the fragrance but overall I find it a bit “generic” – it is truly inoffensive to me, but it neither leans too much on the warm, floral or fresh side – and when I choose my fragrances it very much for me is mood led and I tend to be in the mood for something floral, sweet or sultry. Sitting in the middle means that I’m less likely to be in the mood for a fragrance like this – and as a result I find myself reaching for it rarely. But that being said, for this reason, I’m sure for some people this is the perfect perfume, because if it’s lack of bias leaning any particular way – my personal preference just tends to want to lean one way or another when I choose my daily fragrance. Beauty Pie’s Love is a like for me – I can see it possibly being something I reach for more towards springtime.

With both Beauty Pie fragrances, I think they are a good value for money fragrance for 100ml at the subscription price, they cost between £18-20 – yet again, had I of spent the £100+ retail price labelled on this I would have been incredibly disappointed, it’s longevity is not there for a fragrance of that price tag. But for the cheaper cost, they are decent. For me, Beauty Pie fragrances haven’t quite hit the mark on what I look for in fragrances and I’m not sure I’d be buying another unless they broaden the variety of what they do, or potentially make smaller bottles. 100ml perfumes are a slog to finish, particularly when a fragrance isn’t something you can see yourself reaching for on the daily, they do travel sizes of the same fragrances at 15ml, but value-wise they aren’t worth the price tag compared to a 100ml bottle IMHO.

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