Drunk Elephant Baby Facial Review

Drunk Elephant Baby Facial Review

When Drunk Elephant came to the UK many moons ago, there was one of their core products that was long-awaited in the UK, and that was their iconic TLC Sukuri Baby Facial. It became available last spring, and I snapped it up straight away and used some Space NK Loyalty Points to snag it at a good price but other than using it once or twice, I’d be lying to you if I said it hadn’t been sat gathering dust for the best part of the year and I decided in February I wanted to actually properly use it and finally get to know this product.

The Drunk Elephant Baby Facial is a facial treatment with AHA and BHA acids designed to resurface the skin and make the skin glow – the combination of acids are glycolic, tartaric, citric, lactic and salicylic. It’s a product which is pretty strong, and they recommend using this when your skin isn’t in an irritated state and to step away from other potent chemical products when using this to not overload the skin. My skin has been pretty good lately, I’ve had an odd spot or two which has left lingering marks I’ve wanted to help fade and it felt like the perfect time to start using this product regularly.

Drunk Elephant Baby Facial - Packaging

We’ll start where we always start which is packaging, Drunk Elephant’s packaging is some of my favourites, the packaging of the Babyfacial does not disappoint and comes boxed with a small sample of the Virgin Marula Oil which they say works beautifully alongside this to add an additional boost of glow. This has a pump top and what I really like is that this doesn’t dispense too much product at once – the picture below is three different pumps of product, so depending on the size of your face, if you just want to target a certain area etc – you’re not left with excess product as you can really tailor how much you need. As a note, I find that three pumps is the perfect quantity for applying all over.

Drunk Elephant Baby Facial Texture

The texture of this appears to be a cream, almost looking like foundation, however once applied, it looks completely sheer on the skin, initially leaving a almost wet look finish which does subdue over time. The facial is slightly tacky feeling on the skin and stays feeling that way throughout before rinsed off. It recommends that you start with applying this product for 10 minutes and working your way up to a full 20 minute application.

My skin isn’t particularly sensitive, and particularly to the acids contained in this product – although I’m not sure I’ve ever used them in such a high concentration. When first applied, for the first few minutes I experience what I’d describe as a mild ticking – it’s almost like I’ve got a few stray hairs dangling in my face that I have to resist the urge to want to wipe my face. I’ve not felt like I’ve needed to work my way up to 20 minutes as the mild irritation I experience does fade quickly.

Drunk Elephant Baby Facial Review

When I rinse my face off and pat dry my skin feels instantly smoother and feels more balanced and like my skin is a good canvas for makeup or ready for my next steps in skincare. Used regularly I feel like it helps to improve the surface of my skin, which I think is mainly dye to the content of pumpkin, which I’ve had in masks before.

The claims for this mask is that it also helps reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles – which luckily, I’m still at the grand old age of 32 have very, very minimal signs of and regularly get told I don’t have the skin of the 32-year-old (thanks to a lifetime of oily skin!), but as a result, I can’t really comment how legitimate these claims are.

As much as I’ve enjoyed finally being able to try this cult favourite product, I’m not sure that I will buy the Drunk Elephant Baby Facial again. The effects of this are nice, but very comparable to the kind of results I see when I use a glycolic acid religiously (which I’ve been bad at doing recently), if I could notice huge anti-aging properties it would get a bigger tick, but maybe it’s one I need to save revisiting for a few years!

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