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Last Saturday I was luckily inviting to attend the #BloggersFestival 2015 run by the beautiful Scarlett from the blog Scarlett London. I’ve been putting off this post all week because I knew it might take me a while to photograph everything and put it all together. This was my first proper blogging event, I’ve been invited to a few over the course of the past year, but I’ve never been able to attend – the invites usually come last minute and I don’t live super close to London which is where they’re usually held – so being able to actually make one is quite rare.

If you have the opportunity to attend next year’s bloggers festival – I will be doing if I can. The whole experience wasn’t daunting at all, the atmosphere was quite relaxed and you could move around at your own pace. I’m now on the lookout for more blogger meet ups and events, if you know of any good groups to join let me know!

I attended the event with Rachael from Rachwat (you can see what we did before shopping on Oxford Street here), and whilst there we unexpectedly bumped into her friend Chan who joined as we had a wander round, whilst chatting and meeting some lovely brands.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to capture many images of the day – my normal wasn’t doing very well in the rooms lighting, and my iPhone was well on it’s way to being dead, and I had another 6 hours in London post event, so needed my phone for the rest of the day.

So meet the brands which were at the event, and the lovely goodies I got to bring home with me and no doubt reviewing over the next few weeks!



Greeted by the’s beautiful stand as we walked in,  we chatted away to the lovely lady on the stand and took a look at the pieces which were there. There was so much nice, affordable jewellery in the line and I walked away with a big shopping list, and a new place to shop for gifts. As we walked away we were handed a little wrapped up box – we opened them at the end of the event, and luckily I got one of the pieces I adored on the stand, I love how rose gold jewellery sits on my skin too, I think it’s definitely “my metal”. I’ve already made an order since coming back on the jewellerybox website, so expect to see the pieces I got next week.


Small man media


Small man media are a marketing and pr agency which predominately work with stationery brands such as Smiggle, Maped, Helix and Sheaffer. To be handed a bag of stationery is like a dream come true, and that alligator notepad… that’s going to work with me for very serious meetings when I want to scare people.

The Perfume Shop


The Perfume Shop had 2 doll houses filled up with the latest perfumes, fragrances and cosmetics. We were free to sniff and spray and test out the perfumes and got a really decent sized sample of the new Olympea perfume from Paco Rabanne. This has gone straight in my bag of holiday cosmetics to take with me in a few weeks to save taking anything larger for a week away. This is a very me scent, I can see me falling in love with this and purchasing in the airport on the way home to remind me of the holiday!


Bee good


Bee Good was a brand I’d heard of, but didn’t really know that much about. We were chatted through the different products in the range. In our event goody bags we received a sample of their Honey & propolis 2 in 1 cleanser with a little muslin cloth, another sample which is perfectly sized for holiday. Interested in trying more items from this range (when I’m through my skincare stash).


bare minerals


Bare Minerals had a trunket packed with goodies from their base range to take a peek at, they also had some items from their upcoming collections which are being released soon. I’ll admit I’m not a big Bare Minerals buff, and infact I think the only think I’ve ever tried has been a mascara. It really is a brand which I should check out for bases when I next need to though as what they had looked really nice. I’ve got a voucher to go to a counter and get matched for a foundation sample, now I just need to find a bare minerals counter near me to redeem it!


Glimmer tattoos


This stand was the first thing you walked past into the event, I completely missed it on the way in as it must have been overcrowded with people. Glimmer tattoos are temporary tattoos with a glittery twist, Picking the design and colours these glitter designs can last up to a week. These would be really fun for festivals and holidays, and I will be keeping my eye out for the kits when they launch shortly.


They also gave us a pack of metallic tattoos to take away with us. Yet another item which has gone in my bag for holiday. I don’t know why but I photographed the azzy tattoos with this too, these weren’t provided by glimmer – they were from the goody bag at the end.


brodie and stone


I’m sorry if I accidentally ended up with your bag from Brodie and Stone, I really don’t know how I ended up with 2. That’s good news for you guys though because I have duplicates for a giveaway when I come to review them! Brodie and Stone are a cosmetics company creating problem/solution skincare and beauty. With skincare from Balance and Hair Oils from Natural World, I’m excited to give all these a go because I’ve not heard of them before.




One of my highlights of the day was talking to the ladies on the Exuviance stand, they were very knowledgeable about their products and gave us lots of information about the brand which is sold widely in the US I believe, but is currently only available from selected salons within the UK. After little chats with small groups they went round and asked groups what their skin problems were and chose a product from the range to suit their problems. I’ve got a purifying clay mask designed to tackle spots and breakouts – as you all know from my face mask friday series, I bloody love a good face mask and testing them out, so I’m looking forward to giving this a go soon.



Looking for a yoga class without the intimidation of going and watching all those bendy and flexible people blowing you out of the water. Meet Yoogaia online classes for different abilities with direct advice from instructors to improve your technique. I have a trial of this, which I’ll make the effort to try.


I wish I got a picture of the Nanshy stand as it was absolutely beautiful, but it was so busy when we went round I didn’t get chance. I didn’t get chance to find out too much about the products in the Nanshy line or have a look at what there was up close. As we were walking away we were passed a little bag with a bent eyeliner brush in it and managed to have a little chat about the range. I’ve been using this all week to do my eyeliner and it makes it so easy. I’ll be checking out Nanshy in future when I need to make some more brush purchases.


Goody bags

A lot of these came in canvas bags and I had to combine them all together as I was carrying way too much. As we were leaving we were passed another bag full of information and. Some of the pieces here may have come from other brands (especially food) but I really can’t remember where they came from, so they’ve all been merged together.

This was the goody bag. I’ll use this a lot I love it!



bloggers-festival-dollwhite  bloggers-festival-food


bloggers-festival-lego  bloggers-festival-ogx

Mode media

It’s also worth mentioning that Mode Media was the sponsor of the event and it was really interesting listening to such knowledgable people knowledgeable about the bloggersphere. They’re essentially a middle man between bloggers and brands, and will put you in touch with opportunities to start monetising your blog. Their chats also came with helpful tips in general – and I’ll be taking some of their tips and starting to implement them over the next few weeks!

If there’s anything here that you’re desperate to hear more about in a review, please let me know, I’m overwhelmed by the amount of things here – and no idea where to start testing things!

Thank you again to Scarlett for Inviting me. And Rachael & Chan for being delightful company.


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Helpless Whilst Drying




  1. September 12, 2015 / 8:54 am

    Totes jelly! Thank you for sharing your experience with your loyal followers! <3

  2. September 16, 2015 / 5:40 am

    I wish we had blogger events where I am but there’s like no one Phoenix 🙁

    • September 16, 2015 / 6:10 am

      It’s a shame, we’re trying to organise one locally – but most of the people I know who blog are already friends! Whilst I’m only an hour on the train to London the cost of getting there regularly isn’t feasible to go frequently! 😕

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