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Becca Royal Glow

Forgive me beauty gods, for I had sinned. Becca’s highlighters are amongst the most coveted in the beauty world and somehow I’d survived over four years of blogging without getting one of my own. Don’t get me wrong, I’d swatched and admired them in store so many times – but I’d always told myself, you can have one when you’ve finished this one up etc and one just never became mine. Well, Becca Royal Glow is finally mine.

After a rather disastrous meal out with by best gals in September which involved fish in a chocolate fondue, and no bill to pay at the end of it, we all talked ourselves into a cheeky online purchase or two, that we would have spent on the meal. I picked up the Beauty Bakerie Flour Powder and this, the Passport to Glow Highlighter from Becca. Since it’s arrival a few days later it’s pretty much been the highlighter I’ve used solidly, and I’m only just getting around to reviewing it!

The Becca highlight packaging is stunning, I love the fact that it alludes such quality, with a brushed metal packaging. It feels just the right weight in the hand to not feel like it’s cheap, but also that it’s not bulky to carry around and I’m never detered to take it with me on weekends away. I also like that the top has a large mirror in the compact, it wastes no space and makes a choice of a Becca highlight a good one should you want to carry a highlight in your handbag for topping up your radiance through the day.

This collection was launched around the time last year’s Royal Wedding and as a result, features a crown on the product. Personally – I don’t really get why it’s called Passport to Glow collection, but then also features a crown. They seem to have got their themes a bit mixed. The highlighter shade name, Royal Glow, probably would have been a better name for the collection as a whole.

I’m sure if you’ve seen my recent Winter use up list you’ll see that this is on there, not because I don’t enjoy it, but mainly because I’m pretty good at using one highlight at a time. I don’t pile highlighter on, but since September there’s definitely not much sign of the beautiful crown design that this highlight had left and I’ve hit pan. I’d guess that by the end of March I may well have finished this up and be onto something different in my collection.

The reason Royal Glow was the Becca shade that tipped me over the edge, was it’s colour it’s a lovely peachy colour which looked like an amplified “skin” colour, which tends to be my favourite when it comes to highlight, and this one didn’t disappoint as it made it to my favourites of 2018 post.

You can see from the swatches above that this has quite a warm golden glow, but once it’s applied in a more natural way on the skin with a brush, it is exactly what I hope for. On medium caucasian skintones, I think this is a perfect option for a natural glow, but it would look a little more golden peach on those who are more fair.

With a light hand it applies giving the skin a amped up natural radiance, it’s not super shimmery, but it’s more than a very very natural highlight. It makes my skin look healthy. Either going in with a second layer of product, or applying it wet changes to to be a more buildable, intense look – it’s not very often that I decide to layer it up as I prefer something more natural most of the time, but it’s nice having that option in a colour which isn’t as intense or obvious on the skin as it’s closer to a flesh tone.

At £30 these highlighters aren’t cheap, but I found that they’re worth it. I find that they last really well on the skin and will hold up as long as my foundation does with little loss of intensity. Below you can see two different pictures from my Instagram wearing it, and any time you’ll see me on Instastories with a full face of makeup you can guarantee that this is on my chops. 

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I finished a few things up yesterday so I had a dig through my collection to find some new everyday products to try and use up. I’ve swapped in: #Ysl all hours foundation, one I’ve had for over a year and still haven’t got round to reviewing properly, I’ve only worn it a handful of times #makeupgeek heartthrob blusher as my Mac sunbasque is finally finished Rest of my face is #mufe radiance primer (so close to empty!) #seventeen all day concealer #blinkbrowbar eye pencil #abh fawn contour powder #beccacosmetics royal glow highlighter #anastasiabeverlyhills subculture palette #maybelline master ink liquid liner #bobbibrown smokey lash mascara #maccosmetics mystical lipstick #fotd #bbloggers #makeup #discoverunder5k #abeautyedit #theblogtribe #weekendmakeup #everydaymakeup

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Becca Royal Glow was my first Becca highlight, but I guarantee it won’t be my last. This has solidified to me why Becca highlighters have the following that they do in the Beauty World.

This particular shade is proving harder to get hold of since it was limited edition released in late Spring last year, however it is still available in a few places.
John Lewis have a set featuring a full size primer, full size highlight and gloss for £40, a great steal considering the highlight alone is £30! link here. There is also the highlight available on it’s own via John Lewis here.

If you stumble across this review after this highlight is not available any more, from my look in stores I think this sits somewhere between Rose Quartz and Champagne Pop from the main line and isn’t too dissimilar to Proseeco Pop. 

Have you tried Becca Highlights before?

Post contains affiliate links. Product purchased with my own money.


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  1. Natalya Amour
    February 15, 2019 / 9:53 am

    Oh wow its so pigmented

  2. February 15, 2019 / 10:37 am

    This is so beautiful! The packaging and the crown detailing on the powder inside is so luxe! I have a mini size of Opal and is it gorgeous, I feel like you’d love that shade 🙂 x

    • February 15, 2019 / 11:37 am

      I’ve looked at Opal a few times, it’s definitely one I could see myself wearing more so in winter, I think it would be too icy for me in summer!

  3. February 15, 2019 / 6:39 pm

    I’ve never owned any of the Becca highlighters, but this one is really beautiful, I can see why you had to buy it!

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