Secret Scent Box – October 2019

Secret Scent Box – October 2019

[Gifted] A two weeks ago this dropped through my letterbox and thanks to my broken camera drama it’s meant I couldn’t get the post photographed and up. However it has meant that I’ve been able to give October 2019’s Secret Scent Box a really good road test this month and have used all of the fragrances at least three times each.

For those who aren’t aware, Secret Scent Box is a box of three perfume samples a month giving you chance to try different fragrances out before you might buy. Personally I really like this subscription as it a) gives me lots of different perfumes to try out and I can have a lot of different variety by swapping between the vials and b) I’ve discovered fragrances I’d never have tried and purchased thanks to the box. The vials are pocket sized which makes them great for nights out, handbags and holidays too as each vial gives you about 5-10 uses, depending on how heavy handed you are with your fragrance!

One of the things I also like is that include little note cards with details about the perfumes featured, e.g if it’s a new fragrance it tends to be listed alongside the notes that the fragrance has too.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess

I was really excited that this was in the box, it’s an iconic fragrance that is rereleased every summer in revamped packaging, and it’s a fragrance that has a cult of loyal followers. I’ve never tried it before – so was happy to see it, despite it being a fragrance that’s classically associated with summer it’s a really lovely one for all year round, particularly on these transitioning autumn days where bursts of sunshine can still be really pleasant. Its base notes is what stand out to me the most, with vanilla and amber it’s a mixture of spice and gourmand, whilst the middle and top notes mix of coconut, jasmine, frangipani and ginger, mandarin and bergamot offer a soft interesting blend of spice, citrus and floral which sits delicately to offer light tones. I think this will be one that I finish up fairly quickly, I’m surprised I’ve never owned it!

Lanvin Rumeur

This has a really fun and interesting little bottle, it would make a lovely dressing table piece. This one immediately struck me as more summery – it’s much more of a fresh floral and it’s top note of magnolia is what really lingers in my opinion. It’s middle notes are listed as Rose, Jasmine, Plum and Orange Blossom – all of which I really struggle to define and pick out above to Magnolia. It’s warmer base notes of amber, musk and patchouli develop a little during the day and seem to warm up the fragrance somewhat. This is definitely a fragrance for those who like strong florals, I’ll definitely use it up, but it wouldn’t be the top of my list this month to purchase.

FCUK For Her

I totally didn’t know that FCUK was still a thing! I can’t have thought about the brand since I was about 16! The first initial spritz of this I could smell barely anything, it was like I’d attempted to make my own perfume at home. But after a minute or so it begins smelling a lot stronger. This one isn’t too dissimilar to Bronze Goddess, it has the same kind of warm base notes which are balanced out with citrus and floral mid and top notes, where Bronze Goddess leans spicy, FCUK leans a little fresher.

I like this one but don’t find it to be the most long lasting on my skin, I can’t smell it too much on myself after a couple of hours. However, it is the most affordable from the box with a 100ml bottle being able to be found online easily for £10.99, so would make a good cheap every day perfume for work.

I enjoyed the mix of price points in this months box – ranging from around £10.99 – £74.99 for 100ml bottles. I do think the vibe across the board is a little similar and could have maybe of had something ultra spicy for the autumn season. Secret Scent Box can be picked up online here and they offer a male and female geared boxes. I wish there had been something new in the box. we’re getting to that time of year where brands are releasing fragrances in rapid fire in the run up to Christmas so it would have been nice to have seen something new for the season, however I am very happy that I’ve finally tried Bronze Goddess, that’s my favourite this month!

What is your favourite fragrance at the moment?

Items in this post were gifted in return for review consideration. Thoughts are my own and reflective on my experience with the products and brand.


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