Glossybox February 2019 – Review & Unboxing

Glossybox February 2019 – Review & Unboxing

“It’s all about love” edition of Glossybox was a little bit of an unintended arrival – I cancelled my Glossybox subscription around the 20th of last month and didn’t realise the cut off for cancellation for February would had passed. I was partly annoyed with myself, partly happy as I was debating whether to stay on for another month anyway – so I managed to get my hands on the Glossybox February 2019.

The Glossybox February 2019 box is very cute, I like that it’s not named valentines or galentines – but gives a nod to February’s holiday. The box top is simple and clean looking whilst the base is covered in hearts, which will definitely put to good use organising my office. I do have to say the one thing that Glossybox does really well is it’s boxes, the attention to detail that they put into them is lovely, it’s the little touches that make Glossybox.

So let’s get into just what was inside…

Huda Lip Contour in Venus – £16.00

This was teased in last month’s box so I knew this was included, I am not a big lip pencil wearer normally – but this formula seems gorgeous. I debated whether to put it in my giveaway pile, but I decided once it arrived that it was such a me colour I had to give it a swatch. There were two colour options, mine was Venus which is a fairly neutral mid nude shade that leans just a little warm. I don’t envisage using this as a lip liner, but I can see myself wearing this by itself, maybe with a hint of gloss every now and again. Swatching it on my hand showed just how creamy it felt, matte it looked and long it lasted, so I can’t wait to get this on my chops this week.

Renegade Enamael Science Advanced Toothpaste – Sample worth £2.50

When you subscribe frequently to beauty boxes sometimes you see various items “doing the rounds” between different ones every few months, and this is an item I had in one late last year. I’ve almost finished this – I tend to use it when I go away for a night or weekend, or in between full size tubes when I’ve ran out. It’s a nice toothpaste, I’ve gotten along with it just fine, but I’ve tried higher end toothpastes (this one is £10) that I’ve liked more than this one. It’s inclusion is nice though and is fitting for a cheeky minty-fresh valentines kiss!

Nails Inc Status Ready Nail Varnish – “RRP” £15.00

This is an exclusive shade to Glossybox, so I use the term RRP pretty loosely here since it can’t be purchased. I’ve rarely gotten along with Nails Inc varnishes in the past and did a little grumble at a classic red shade (all exclusive Nails Inc polishes seem to be red or nude and look the same no matter where you get them). However my nails were bare when this box arrived so they went straight on whilst I’m writing this post. This is a one coat wonder that applied beautifully and had a glossy finish, I’m suitably impressed by a Nails Inc polish for a change, we’ll see how quickly it chips though as that’s normally the thing that let their often beautiful shades down.

Luxie Beauty Medium Fan Brush – £15.00

I like tools as inclusions in beauty boxes every now and again as they are not one-hit wonders like sheet masks that last for just a few uses. This is a nice fan brush (average sized!) that has a lovely pearl effect handle. There’s not a cat’s chance in hell I would have paid £15 for this brush though, it’s synthetic bristles are cheap to make, and whilst the brush looks nice it’s exactly the same size, shape and texture as fan brushes I picked up for a third of the price. I’m happy to have it in my collection as I only have two fan brushes, but I wouldn’t have bought it.

Vitamasques Multivitamin Sheet Mask – £4.99

Vitamasques appeared in one of the last few boxes with a peel off glitter mask, I wasn’t particularly impressed with that mask, however I have higher hopes for this one, as it’s less of a gimmick. This feels like it’s got plenty of serum drenching the mask which is usually a good sign. Described as nourishing, glow and moisturising – it sounds like a good all round mask.

Extra – For Him & Her – Alien Fusion Parfum & Alien Man Fusion

I thought this was quite a nice idea as an extra item (although I do feel for any recipients who may not be in a hetro relationship!). But given I’ve had one vial as an extra in the past – two was a nice addition! I’m always tempted by the original Alien, but have never got around to purchasing it, I still remember it being a “new” fragrance which was exclusive to Selfridges and we were in the store on the launch weekend and the whole store smelt like it. This does seem like quite a big twist on the original, but has similar “different” notes that make the Alien fragrance completely unique.

I liked the Glossybox February 2019 edition and feel like it was a good note to “end” my subscription on. I am completely overwhelmed by the amount of skincare that I have at the moment, I’ve kindly had a lot of PR over the past month or so, and I really need to catch up before I add more to my collection. But this was a good note to end on.

Again, I was almost tempted into another month as the tease showed a lip balm by the brand Bybi, which is a brand I’m eager to try – but if you saw how many lip balms, you’d see why I’ve admitted I don’t need to stay subbed! If you want to give Glossybox a try you can get 20% off your first box using my referral code which you can find by clicking on here.  Which will make your first box £8 + delivery. I hope you enjoyed my Glossybox February 2019 review.


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  1. February 15, 2019 / 5:03 am

    I feel like Nails Inc has been more boring recently! I have some fun glitter toppers from back in the day. You would think that they would have at least done something more interesting than a red cream as an exclusive, maybe a shimmer or glittery number would have been more interesting.

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