Lottie Sunset Secrets Nail Polish – Swatch & Review

I have been loving Orange nails for a few weeks, for some reason – I haven’t had chance to photograph any of the ones which I’ve been wearing on my nails. So when I spotted this gorgeous shade from Lottie London, I had to pick it up, as I don’t have anything similar.


Lottie Sunset Secrets is a very vibrant orange, which leans to the side of red and edges on the side of neon but not quite. I don’t have anything quite as bright as this in an orange shade. 2 thin coats is all that it needs to become opaque, it’s fast drying and has a gelly like finish which is very easy to apply, it does have a nice glossy finish all by itself, but it’s pictured here with a topcoat of Seche Vite. I’ve loved the brushes on the Lottie polishes so far, being the perfect size for a quick and easy application.

lottie-london-sunset-secrets-swatch lottie-london-swatch-sunset-secrets lottie-sunset-secrets-review-swatch

The first time I applied this it chipped terribly on my nails, and was a bit disappointed thinking maybe the line wasn’t so good after all. But I tried again and this has lasted well on my nails after all, I’ve had it on my toe nails chip free for 2 weeks (without a topcoat too!) and I’ve had it on my hands twice more too – which have lasted a good 4 days without any chips before I’ve decided to change it up. (I’ve been loving the Lottie line so much I keep dotting back and forth between the 3 I bought!)


I’m off to Superdrug again to see if there’s any more shades from Lottie which take my fancy. If you’ve got any recommendations please let me know!


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