Lottie Peace Out – Review & Swatch

I couldn’t resist going back for a second look at the Lottie London stand in my local Superdrug after my good experiences with the first 3 that I had tried. Lottie Peace Out was one which caught my eye on my first trip, but decided to resist, as I do have colours that are similar. But on my second splurge it immediately went into my basket.


Peace Out is a pure deep but vivid colbalt blue cream nail polish which reminds me of a slightly darker version of Barry M Blue Grape which has been a previous favourite. These bright royal blues are a favourite for me as I think that they really suit my skin tone, and you probably don’t need both in your collection – unless like me, you just can’t resist.

Peace Out – 2 Coats, No Topcoat

Unlike the other 3 polishes which I have tried from I’ve tried from Lottie where they just glided on the nail and made for a very easy application. This one was much more tricky, hard to describe but the consistency of this really dragged on the nail, and almost felt sticky.

Lottie London Peace out with Essie's Set in Stones
Lottie London Peace out with Essie’s Set in Stones

The end result is nice and glossy and is worth the pain if you love this kind of shade, despite this the polish was quick to dry as always which meant the application wasn’t too painful. I’ve been wearing this as I write for 3 days without a topcoat and it’s still holding up strong with no chips in sight yet! I think this will be a lovely colour to go on my toes too, after I’ve finished obsessing over the Orange of Lottie Sunset Secrets!

I’ve got 2 more polishes left to review from Lottie – then I might give the obsession a break for a while, I haven’t worn anything but Lottie polishes for 3 weeks now! (I did say might) – there are 2 reviews from this brand still to go up!


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7 thoughts on “Lottie Peace Out – Review & Swatch

  1. I looked for them in my local superdrug at the weekend but they didn’t have any! Probably for the best, as I bought two polishes anyway, but I really want to give them a try!x

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oooh yay! That will definitely help 😜 and there’s a second superdrug in reading I could try and the one in MK next time I’m back there x


      2. Hopefully, the one I went to is on Reading high street and is surprisingly small. I think the one in the old shopping centre is a bit bigger, but I’ve never been in to that one x


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